Pick the Best Tech For Your Event

Figuring out what technology to use for your event can be tricky. You have to consider your event and organization goals, your demographic, and your budget. No matter what your needs are, we can help find a solution to your make your event a success!

Monkey See, Monkey Do
If you’re thinking to yourself, “My competitor is using this technology, so we should too,” or “I read somewhere that VR is the next big thing, we should try it,”  then don’t do it. It’s more important that you implement the right technology for your event rather than just doing it because someone else is.

Know Your Goal
Before deciding on what technology to use, it’s important to know how exactly you’ll use it. There should be something about it that grabs your attention; it should be an asset to your event. How does the technology connect with your goals? How can it benefit the needs of your customers and the organization? Look for technology that offers a competitive price and consider how it relates to your end goal.

Types of Tech to Implement

  1. Smart wearables
  2. Facial recognition software
  3. Live streaming
  4. RFID technology
  5. Event app
  6. Collaborate app
  7. Audience response app
  8. Social media campaigns
  9. Virtual/augmented reality
  10. Artificial intelligence

Understand Your Audience
It’s important to understand your audience. Although we live in a world of technology, not everyone has the same technical abilities! If your audience includes people of all professions and backgrounds, consider how this can influence the technology’s effectiveness. Take the time to get to know your audience. Take into account things like their age, profession, and even gender, and examine potential social media platforms, opportunities in virtual reality, and phone apps based on these demographics.

Understand Your Event
Consider how technology can be accessible to your target audience and employees. Use different social media platforms to generate publicity and to encourage more people to register. Create social campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and post videos from previous events to improve brand awareness. Establish partnerships with other companies to help increase revenue and your return on investment.

Stick to a Budget
If you want something to be successful, investment is crucial to your success. Before planning your event, it’s important to have a set budget that prioritizes your goal.

The Four Questions
As you’re considering technology, ask yourself: Does this technology add value to my event? Does it make things simpler? Does it solve problems? Do the pros outweigh the cons? If you answer yes to these questions, you should likely move forward.

If you’re struggling to find technology that meets your needs, reach out to the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners. We can guide you to the best choice! For more information on how we can make your next event great, call us at 407-955-4949.


Ideas for Summer Corporate Events

Looking to make this summer a great one for your company? We’ve compiled a list of summer outings involving team building, bonding activities, and fun for your Florida corporate events. Let your employees relax and enjoy games that will bring people closer together while increasing long-term productivity in the workplace.


  • Build-A-Boat: In this exciting game, groups of more than 10 will be put into teams to create their own vessel out of cardboard. Team members must work together and communicate effectively to form a boat they can fit in and use to race across a small body of water. There can be multiple winners in this challenge, such as teams with the “Most Attractive Boat”, “Fastest Time”, “Best Collaboration”, and more. Your company will enjoy this splash of fun in the summer heat.
  • Catapult to Success: This “Angry Bird”-style game involves a live action catapult launch for employees. Each team gets different materials like plates, funnels, and cardboard boxes to work with so that the catapults they build are truly unique. The two “launch-for-distance” and “distance-and-accuracy” versions of this game will keep teams on their toes and cause them to collaborate to make the perfect launch.


  • Ice Cream Challenge: Want to incorporate food into your team building event? Ice cream is the perfect summer treat and Fun Planners team building coordinators show you how to make your own ice cream in this unique challenge.. Each person is individually trained in a specific area of ice cream making: creating a cone, how to handle equipment, etc. They are then placed into teams and asked to conceive a new ice cream flavor. Teamwork is required for making the ice cream itself and “selling” the new flavor to the judges.

These summer events are sure to be memorable moments for your company to talk about for hours. Make team building and fun go hand-in-hand this summer by using some of these ideas. Bringing your employees outside in the summer sun offers a refreshing change from office life that they’ll be grateful for. Be sure to contact us for help and more concepts for Florida corporate events by calling Fun Planners at 1-866-511-4FUN.

How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

If you’re ever in a situation surrounded by Orlando inflatable rentals and one of them happens to be a mechanical bull, you’ll be very pleased with yourself that you took the time to read this article. Here a three quick and easy tips for riding a mechanical bull:

  • Don’t lose your grip. To most people this will be common sense, but for those of you who are first-time mechanical bull riders, it’s essential that you follow this first tip: HOLD ON! With your dominant hand, you can either grip the handle with your palm facing up or down. Whichever method you decide feels most natural, make sure you have a solid grip.
  • Use your thighs for grip. Once you’re holding on for dear life, you can then focus on your body actions. When riding a mechanical bull on an inflatable rental, many people put too much emphasis on holding on to the handle and not enough emphasis on relaxing their upper body or squeezing their thighs together. By squeezing your thighs into the side of the bull, it helps keep you more stable when the ride becomes a little shaky. Also, by relaxing your upper body and not remaining too stiff, it will lessen your chances of getting swung off the bull by all the momentum.
  • Know where your center of gravity is. The last, and arguably most important, tip is to keep your balance. There are two main ways to keep your balance when you’re riding a mechanical bull. First, use your free hand for balance. Just as you would extend your arms outward when walking on a balance beam, do the same with your free arm when you’re getting tossed around by the bull. Second, shift your weight. As the bull moves up, down, left, right, and in circles, it will be important to shift your weight and keep your body centered.

If all else fails and these tips do not work, just remember that the inflatable rentals are just that–inflatable. The inflatable barrier will cushion your fall and it won’t hurt a bit. A mechanical bull Orlando inflatable rental will without a doubt liven up any party or social gathering, and will definitely be quite the conversation starter! Good luck!


Photo Graffiti Wall

The Photo Graffiti Wall excites guests and gives them the ability to express their own artistic creation on a larger than life canvas.  A picture of the guest or guests is taken then applied to an infinite variety of back grounds such as brick walls, beaches or any image supplied by the client. Customization including logos and tag lines can also be placed over the Virtual Graffiti Wall image.

An HD resolution projection system puts the image onto a large 6’ x 8’ screen and the Photo Graffiti Wall comes to life!! Guests use a realistic spray paint cans to color the photo image using multiple spray brushes, paint splatter, and virtual spray paint stencils. After the guests have finished creating their “artwork” they receive a printed copy onsite. It can also be emailed or uploaded to social media.

Primary features:

  • Digital spray paint cans allow users to try their hand at painting on a virtual brick wall, photograph, or other sort of event theme-related backdrop
  • HD resolution projection system that employs the latest short-throw technology allows for a 6×8 foot Digital Graffiti Wall to only need 6 feet of depth off a wall.
  • Multiple spray brushes, paint splatter, and virtual spray paint stencils are all available for the user.
  • The integrated photo printing system allows each creation to be quickly printed and given to the guest via a professional photo printing system.

Fun Planners is known as one of the premier Orlando event rental companies and Orlando event planning and is dedicated to providing exceptional special events, arcade rentals, company picnics, corporate meetings and parties, fundraisers, themed parties, casino nights and much more in Orlando and throughout Florida. We create turnkey, impressive environments through professional means; a stress free and full service production that produces exciting, entertaining events and ensures gleeful clients and fulfilled expectations.

Coke Zero 400

Speed Channel asked us to bring our Pit Crew Challenge out to the NASCAR Coke Zero 400.   Trackside, the TV chat show that is broadcast live from NASCAR races across the country wanted to do a competition segment with their presenters and famous drivers.  Our Pit Crew Challenge proved itself to be just the thing!

The Pit Crew Challenge times participants changing the tires on a life size NASCAR using actual race wheels and a life like air gun drill for realistic sound and feel. Up and coming race car driver Cole Whitt paired up with presenter Rutledge Wood against Marianela and Elliott in a ‘best of 3’ challenge.

The Pit Crew Challenge can be used for Team Building events or as part of a NASCAR themed party along with our other NASCAR racing games and décor. We have the latest VR NACAR racing games and can link up to 6 units for head to head racing along with our Micro Reality Track for realistic NASCAR Races.

Arcade and Game Rentals

The amount of activities we can participate in now thanks to technology is amazing.  What was conceived only a decade ago now is taken for granted in our homes and at parties.  Why not take advantage of this! Fun planners has a huge inventory of different arcade classics and modern virtual reality environments to engage anybody at your next event.

If you’re looking for a few smaller additions to your event to supplement the fun, why not try grabbing one of our air hockey tables or arcade classics such as NBA Jams and NFL Blitz.  A Foosball Table or a Dome Hockey Table might be just the nostalgic activity that guests will be raving about while connecting again with their childhood.

If you want to go for the big games that will really have your guests cutting each other in lines to participate in, Fun Planners has a selection of those as well.  Virtual Reality will give you the chance for realistic fishing, golf simulation, interactive bowling, racing, shooting, snowboarding, and surfing.  We even give you the chance to play “Rock Band” on stage or commence a lifelike pit crew challenge like the members of a NASCAR Speedway.

To learn more about our huge selection of arcade games and virtual reality, contact Fun Planners today.  Call us today at 407-880-3521.

Event Planning with Photography and Videography

Have you ever want to know what you would look like with a beard? If you have a beard, have you ever wondered what you would look like with a beard on top of a dinosaur? This can all be brought to you using green screen photography, which makes an absolutely fantastic addition to any event in Orlando you have planned!  Along with green screen photography, there are digital photo booths, boogie heads, advanced videography, or just a good ol’ professional photographer.

Adding these activities to your event not only brings fun, interactive features, but also captures the finest moments that everyone can relive for years to come.  This two-fold addition brings a dynamic to your event planning in Orlando that can’t be matched by many other traditional activities, such as pin the tail on the hedgehog.

Think of Fun Planners today when you begin organizing your next event.  Or call right now!  407-880-3521.

Maximizing the Traffic of your Grand Opening

If you’re opening a new restaurant, pet shop, key chain kiosk, or business in general, you want your grand opening to be as spectacular and attractive as possible.  Alongside giveaways and prizes, having fun and interactive components to your grand opening will not only draw huge crowds to the event, but will make the event (and your business) more memorable to those who attend.  Here are some ideas for a successful grand opening:

  • Prizes and giveaways are fun, but why not take them to the next level?  Cash cube machines can use coupons instead of cash so participants can flail for free swag and products.  Customized prize wheels encourage onlookers to hoot and cheer as the wheel comes to a halt.
  • For more physical activities, putting challenges can be set up.  Visitors are attracted to rock walls, and this addition to your grand opening can be seen from a far distance, which will draw more people to your event.
  • Signage is very important for promoting your grand opening.  If it doesn’t look appealing and exciting, people are more likely to dismiss it.

Fun Planners can expertly customize your grand opening, and even create games specifically for your event!

Call us today at 866-511-4FUN to receive an quote

Fun Planners Provides Carnival Night to JW Marriott

Whether you’re a kid or an adult with a penchant for youth, everyone enjoys the regalia of classic carnival fun.  Fun Planners recently hosted a wonderful carnival-inspired event at the JW Marriott in Orlando. Guests played a variety of Midway Themed carnival games such as the popular cork gun shoot and the infamous “Down the Clown”.  Skee Ball and Video Game Stations brought out the arcade aspect of the event for eager participants.  In addition,  Caricature artists created wearable comic portraits for guests, and our fortune teller conjured her powers from the netherworld to procure precise premonitions.

[flagallery gid=12 name=”Gallery”]

If you are looking for a company that can transform your next event into something truly special, contact Fun Planners today for creative & professional ideas. Call us at 1-866-511-4FUN.

No Talent Required!

Want to be a superstar, but have no talent? No worries! With our new Dance Heads booth you can be a Superhero, Sports hero or a Superstar with out needing any talent. This interactive booth imposes  your head into virtual bodies that can fight off super villains, dance the disco, and even star in your own music video. Check out the demo below!

Here is what the Dance Heads booth looks like:

Dance Heads is hilarious for everyone who tries it out! So join Fun Planners and have some fun at your next Orlando event by calling 877-511-4FUN.