Ideas for Summer Corporate Events

Looking to make this summer a great one for your company? We’ve compiled a list of summer outings involving team building, bonding activities, and fun for your Florida corporate events. Let your employees relax and enjoy games that will bring people closer together while increasing long-term productivity in the workplace.


  • Build-A-Boat: In this exciting game, groups of more than 10 will be put into teams to create their own vessel out of cardboard. Team members must work together and communicate effectively to form a boat they can fit in and use to race across a small body of water. There can be multiple winners in this challenge, such as teams with the “Most Attractive Boat”, “Fastest Time”, “Best Collaboration”, and more. Your company will enjoy this splash of fun in the summer heat.
  • Catapult to Success: This “Angry Bird”-style game involves a live action catapult launch for employees. Each team gets different materials like plates, funnels, and cardboard boxes to work with so that the catapults they build are truly unique. The two “launch-for-distance” and “distance-and-accuracy” versions of this game will keep teams on their toes and cause them to collaborate to make the perfect launch.


  • Ice Cream Challenge: Want to incorporate food into your team building event? Ice cream is the perfect summer treat and Fun Planners team building coordinators show you how to make your own ice cream in this unique challenge.. Each person is individually trained in a specific area of ice cream making: creating a cone, how to handle equipment, etc. They are then placed into teams and asked to conceive a new ice cream flavor. Teamwork is required for making the ice cream itself and “selling” the new flavor to the judges.

These summer events are sure to be memorable moments for your company to talk about for hours. Make team building and fun go hand-in-hand this summer by using some of these ideas. Bringing your employees outside in the summer sun offers a refreshing change from office life that they’ll be grateful for. Be sure to contact us for help and more concepts for Florida corporate events by calling Fun Planners at 1-866-511-4FUN.