How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

If you’re ever in a situation surrounded by Orlando inflatable rentals and one of them happens to be a mechanical bull, you’ll be very pleased with yourself that you took the time to read this article. Here a three quick and easy tips for riding a mechanical bull:

  • Don’t lose your grip. To most people this will be common sense, but for those of you who are first-time mechanical bull riders, it’s essential that you follow this first tip: HOLD ON! With your dominant hand, you can either grip the handle with your palm facing up or down. Whichever method you decide feels most natural, make sure you have a solid grip.
  • Use your thighs for grip. Once you’re holding on for dear life, you can then focus on your body actions. When riding a mechanical bull on an inflatable rental, many people put too much emphasis on holding on to the handle and not enough emphasis on relaxing their upper body or squeezing their thighs together. By squeezing your thighs into the side of the bull, it helps keep you more stable when the ride becomes a little shaky. Also, by relaxing your upper body and not remaining too stiff, it will lessen your chances of getting swung off the bull by all the momentum.
  • Know where your center of gravity is. The last, and arguably most important, tip is to keep your balance. There are two main ways to keep your balance when you’re riding a mechanical bull. First, use your free hand for balance. Just as you would extend your arms outward when walking on a balance beam, do the same with your free arm when you’re getting tossed around by the bull. Second, shift your weight. As the bull moves up, down, left, right, and in circles, it will be important to shift your weight and keep your body centered.

If all else fails and these tips do not work, just remember that the inflatable rentals are just that–inflatable. The inflatable barrier will cushion your fall and it won’t hurt a bit. A mechanical bull Orlando inflatable rental will without a doubt liven up any party or social gathering, and will definitely be quite the conversation starter! Good luck!