How Storytelling Can Help Your Event Planning

The key to every great event is a great story. Every event manager wants their guests to feel welcome, to have a great time, and to never forget any aspect of the night. What’s one way to do that, you ask? Creating a great story to go along with your event.

We’ve all heard how important themes can be for an event. It sets the tone and the mood for the night ahead. Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party, or anniversary, themes are detrimental to the success of your event. Is a holiday coming up, is there a trend sweeping the nation? These are all questions you should be asking yourself and your Orlando event management team.

Make it Relatable

One of the worst things you could do when planning an event is not listening to your audience. Your audience, at the end of the day, are the ones that will be snapping, sharing, and tweeting their experience. You want to make sure that everyone at the party knows the theme, feels accepted, and is there to have a great time. You can do this by sending out invites ahead of time, laying out the theme to employees and/ or volunteers and to make sure you stand out just as much as the guests!

Have the Right Equipment

With the right equipment, any event can make a splash. Whether it’s inflatables, pool tables, bouncy houses, or more, Fun Planners can help you take your event to the next level. Every event need games, activities, and entertainment to keep the audience paying attention. Opt for the more unique and interesting games, activities, and more that you can find in our catalog.

For more information on hosting your corporate event, birthday party, or anniversary, contact Fun Planners today. We are your one stop shop for all things Orlando event management. Contact us today at 407-955-4949.

Fun Planners: The One-Stop Shop For Event Planning

If you’re looking to plan the coolest, most immersive event this year, look no further. Fun Planners is here to save the day. Our most innovative entertainment activities include human-sized foosball or boxing, arcade games every kid at heart remembers, and even bounce castles for any small, or big, birthday party. As experts in Orlando event planning, we’re here to highlight some of the ways Fun Planners is unique and off the charts.

Here at Fun Planners, we pride ourselves on having the most fun, interactive games for all occasions. We offer inflatable rentals, arcade games, DJs, game show hosts, and more! We specialize in all types of events. Whether it’s corporate, private, wedding, or just a Saturday afternoon, we have all you’ll need.

Our client testimonials boast about the audio and visual elements we can bring to any event. Some of our fan favorites include digital photo booths, live streaming services, projections, custom gobos, sound systems, intelligent lighting programs. Not only can we bring the above additions to your event, but we can also help market your event. Using our videography skills, we make it easy for you to promote your event. Videos can also be a great way to commemorate past events and gear up for upcoming ones.

Alongside our entertainment and audio/visual activities, we also offer special promotional products. These can go far with your audience because they can be customizable to your event with your brand image. At Fun Planners, we love themed events just as much as our customers do. From black-tie to holiday parties, from the beach to Vegas, anything and everything is possible for our team to help your team.

We understand the steps to event planning can seem like a massive feat. Fun Planners is your one stop shop for everything you need for every corporate party, every birthday party, or every wedding. We are happy to serve our customers as experts in Orlando event planning and we are always ready to step up the bar when it comes to curating the perfect event for you and your team. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote, or read our blog for more tips and tricks!

How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

If you’re ever in a situation surrounded by Orlando inflatable rentals and one of them happens to be a mechanical bull, you’ll be very pleased with yourself that you took the time to read this article. Here a three quick and easy tips for riding a mechanical bull:

  • Don’t lose your grip. To most people this will be common sense, but for those of you who are first-time mechanical bull riders, it’s essential that you follow this first tip: HOLD ON! With your dominant hand, you can either grip the handle with your palm facing up or down. Whichever method you decide feels most natural, make sure you have a solid grip.
  • Use your thighs for grip. Once you’re holding on for dear life, you can then focus on your body actions. When riding a mechanical bull on an inflatable rental, many people put too much emphasis on holding on to the handle and not enough emphasis on relaxing their upper body or squeezing their thighs together. By squeezing your thighs into the side of the bull, it helps keep you more stable when the ride becomes a little shaky. Also, by relaxing your upper body and not remaining too stiff, it will lessen your chances of getting swung off the bull by all the momentum.
  • Know where your center of gravity is. The last, and arguably most important, tip is to keep your balance. There are two main ways to keep your balance when you’re riding a mechanical bull. First, use your free hand for balance. Just as you would extend your arms outward when walking on a balance beam, do the same with your free arm when you’re getting tossed around by the bull. Second, shift your weight. As the bull moves up, down, left, right, and in circles, it will be important to shift your weight and keep your body centered.

If all else fails and these tips do not work, just remember that the inflatable rentals are just that–inflatable. The inflatable barrier will cushion your fall and it won’t hurt a bit. A mechanical bull Orlando inflatable rental will without a doubt liven up any party or social gathering, and will definitely be quite the conversation starter! Good luck!


Safety First! Inflatable Rental Safety Tips for All Ages

Gladiator-Pedestal-Joust-4-PlayerAn inflatable rental is a great addition to any event. Fun for kids of all ages, some are even built specifically for those of us who’re more mature in body yet young at heart. Like any obstacle course or gravity defying device, there are some hazards associated with Orlando inflatable rentals. However, the professionals at Fun Planners want to make sure you’re safe while enjoying your inflatable rental. Here’s a list of safety tips to keep your fun-filled event safe and enjoyable:

  1. Always have an inflatable-rental police officer on duty. There should be someone monitoring the rental’s use. Whether there was an attendant provided or you’ve accepted the position as the inflatable-rental police, monitor everyone’s activity and make sure all activity is safe and fun.
  2. It’s not a sardine can–don’t overload the inflatable. Whether it’s an inflatable boxing ring, obstacle course, or a standard bounce house, follow the capacity chart or ask your rental expert the safe number of individuals allowed on/in the inflatable. By monitoring the number of little–or big–fish interacting with the inflatable rental, there is less chance for equipment malfunction and injury.
  3. Clear pockets, remove shoes, and no re-entry unless you’re a Homo sapiens. This one may sound obvious, but if someone uses an inflatable rentalwith glasses on or coins in their pocket, they’ll most likely lose them, and once those items are lost and forgotten, they could become miniature missiles for other unsuspecting event guests. Also, I know Fido looks like he wants to get up on the inflatable slide, but he doesn’t. It’ll be an emotionally traumatizing experience, so don’t put your best friend through that.
  4. Match inflatable users by age, size, and maturity level. Do NOT let individuals of varying size, weight, and age enter into a bounce house all at once. Let the children enjoy the inflatable rental with other children, and adults can enjoy the rental with other adults. The only exception is if your sister and her 10 month old baby want to go into the bounce house by themselves for some easy, fun-filled bouncing.
  5. No popcorn! There are 2 kinds of popcorn:the kind you eat, and the kind that results in careless injury. Popcorn is the game where one child (or child at heart) lays on the ground in a fetal position while others attempt to double bounce them into the air, causing them to break their position–kind of like a popcorn kernel popping. We’ve all played this game, but it’s dangerous and should not be allowed.
  6. Unsafe weather conditions. Wind speeds of 20mph or greater, lightning, thunder, and heavy rain are dangerous conditions for inflatable rentals. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, have everyone exit and move away from the rental and do not allow re-entry until the weather clears and the inflatable rental dries.
  7. The rental is deflating? If an anchor becomes loose, or the inflatable seems to be losing all of its air, have everyone safely and quickly evacuate. This may seem like a fun event, but it’s extremely dangerous.

These are just a few safety rules for your Orlando inflatable rentals. Use common sense when judging whether something looks unsafe and don’t forget to have fun. Also, don’t forget to ask your inflatable rental company of their safety record and for a list of their safety rules. If you’re looking for one of the most extensive inventories of inflatable rentals, contact Fun Planners today. We have everything, including surf simulators, boxing rings, obstacle courses, and oversized inflatable games, and we’re here to make your event a success.

Share this post and tell us which inflatable ride is your favorite. Also, add on to our list of safety rules so we can share them with our followers.