Casino-Themed Entertainment

Enjoying a casino style night doesn’t always mean losing your money. At Fun Planners, you can get both the gambling thrill and keep your money safe in your pocket. Whether it’s a corporate event, a big family gathering, or just hanging out with your friends, you can live your casino dreams.

Casino Corporate Event
If you are planning a corporate event, a casino night might not be the first thing on your radar, but it should be. Sitting down and trying to do outdated team-bonding exercises won’t cut it anymore in today’s climate. A thrill-filled night is bound to break the ice and have your guests enjoying some friendly rivalry that will bond everyone for years to come. Rent a Skill Stop Machine and give your employees a night of free play! 

Gambling in a Family Gathering
I know what you are thinking, how is my 80-year-old grandmother going to enjoy this? Just because she is old doesn’t mean that she won’t also enjoy the highs and lows of a thrilling gamble, especially when all the money is play money. Having family fun doesn’t always mean having a nice dinner or going to a park. Leave the kids with the nanny and have some poker fun!

Gambling With Your Friends
Enjoying a casino night doesn’t mean you have to go all the way to Las Vegas; gather your friends right at home for a fun time and gamble the night away. Choose from a Blackjack or Craps table for the night — and you can even order them with LED lighting! At the end of the night, they will all thank you for the best night of their life, because here at Fun Planners we go all out to ensure your satisfaction. 

When it comes to planning your casino night event, Fun Planners is committed to helping you every step of the day. We have an array of different casino games that you can enjoy, and every table and accessory is held at a Las Vegas Standard, making your experience more authentic. We provide everything you could possibly need for a casino night event, and with fake play money you can bet as high as you want and save your wallet. Our casino event packages are designed to perfectly fit you, your organization, and your guests. Contact us today at 407-955-4949 

Casino for Corporate

Are you looking for your next great Florida corporate event? Look no further than a casino night! The glitz and glamour of the decorations, the delicious food, and the thrill of the games takes the notion of fun and friendly competition to a whole new level. Find out how you can bring Las Vegas to your guests right here in Orlando:

Any Occasion
Whether you’re planning a holiday party, end-of-the-year celebration, award banquet, employee appreciation event, or even a marketing event, a casino night is the perfect route. It’s a great way to keep guests interacting while having fun and winning prizes.

Choose a Theme
Make sure to designate a portion of your budget to decorations. You can pay homage to one or more of the iconic Vegas casinos, such as Caesar’s Palace, with everything from oversized playing cards to costumes to backdrops to themed photo booth props.

Gaming Tables
Don’t DIY your casino tables. We offer outstanding, professional gaming tables and accessories that are held to a Las Vegas standard! Our chips are a heavy weight, our tables have a stylish mahogany wood finish, and we use authentic roulettes wheels, dice, and cards. Our options include blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and Texas Hold ‘Em. Hoping to add some extra pizzazz to your evening? Choose from one of our lighted tables with frosted plexiglass and color-changing LED lights.

What if No One Knows How to Play?
If you’re concerned that your guests are new to the casino scene, don’t worry; that won’t stop them from having an amazing time. Not only are our casino tables designed for a genuine casino atmosphere, but they come staffed with certified dealers and croupiers. They entertain and teach guests, ensuring that everyone gets into the action and has a great time, regardless of the players’ skill level! With Fun Planners, you can easily plan a casino-themed Florida corporate event. Find out how you can bring Las Vegas to your guests in Orlando:

When it comes to planning your Florida corporate event, Fun Planners is committed to helping you every step of the day. Our casino event packages are designed to perfectly fit you, your organization, and your guests. Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to learn how we can partner with you.

Fun Planners: The One-Stop Shop For Event Planning

If you’re looking to plan the coolest, most immersive event this year, look no further. Fun Planners is here to save the day. Our most innovative entertainment activities include human-sized foosball or boxing, arcade games every kid at heart remembers, and even bounce castles for any small, or big, birthday party. As experts in Orlando event planning, we’re here to highlight some of the ways Fun Planners is unique and off the charts.

Here at Fun Planners, we pride ourselves on having the most fun, interactive games for all occasions. We offer inflatable rentals, arcade games, DJs, game show hosts, and more! We specialize in all types of events. Whether it’s corporate, private, wedding, or just a Saturday afternoon, we have all you’ll need.

Our client testimonials boast about the audio and visual elements we can bring to any event. Some of our fan favorites include digital photo booths, live streaming services, projections, custom gobos, sound systems, intelligent lighting programs. Not only can we bring the above additions to your event, but we can also help market your event. Using our videography skills, we make it easy for you to promote your event. Videos can also be a great way to commemorate past events and gear up for upcoming ones.

Alongside our entertainment and audio/visual activities, we also offer special promotional products. These can go far with your audience because they can be customizable to your event with your brand image. At Fun Planners, we love themed events just as much as our customers do. From black-tie to holiday parties, from the beach to Vegas, anything and everything is possible for our team to help your team.

We understand the steps to event planning can seem like a massive feat. Fun Planners is your one stop shop for everything you need for every corporate party, every birthday party, or every wedding. We are happy to serve our customers as experts in Orlando event planning and we are always ready to step up the bar when it comes to curating the perfect event for you and your team. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote, or read our blog for more tips and tricks!

Go All in & Have Casino Night for Your Fundraiser

The end of the year is a great time to consider planning your annual fundraiser. There are several ways for a non-profit to raise funds throughout the year, but one, in particular, tends to be popular among not only organizations, but also attendees, and that is a casino fundraiser! Casino fundraisers are a great way to give your donors a fun evening out while also raising money for your organization. Here are some questions to ask when planning a casino fundraiser from your experts in Florida corporate events, Fun Planners.

When planning a casino night, consider your revenue options. Will you sell alcohol? What percentage of drink sales can go towards donations?

The cost of the ticket can place weight on how much money your guests will spend on beverages. Make sure you consider the cost of alcohol and a bartender before you determine the cost of each drink. You can also consider having beer and wine and a limited number of hard liquor options to help control your cost.

Will you charge for food or will it be included?

Again, depending on the cost of the ticket, you can decide if you want this to be an additional revenue stream. Typically, meals are included in the cost of the ticket, adding more value to donor / guest.

Should you have a silent auction to offer guests?

Silent auctions are a great way to attract people who want to participate but, perhaps, they don’t gamble or play games. Months before your event, seek out donations for hotel rooms, theme park passes, spa days, product offerings, and more so that all proceeds from the silent auction can go to donations.

Do the casino tables offer sponsorship opportunities where local businesses can sponsor tables?

If you don’t already have one, create a sponsorship plan with each table, allowing the sponsor to post advertising pamphlets or a banner on the table or within the event.

Have you considered all of your expenses?

Some expenses to consider when planning a casino event include the facility rental, decorations and props, dealers and bartenders, catering, insurance, security, and clean up.
A casino night is a lot to plan, but don’t worry. Fun Planners, a Florida corporate event planning company, can help plan your next casino night from start to finish. So, when you are ready to get started on planning your next non-profit event, call Fun Planners, where we bring the fun. 407-955-4949.

Planning Fundraising Events for the School Year

Casino nights are a great way for schools or charitable organization to raise money. Casino nights typically have a high attendance rate, which in turn means profits for your school or organization. Non-profit organizations, such as private schools, enjoy a casino model for fundraising because donors can be entertained while donating money.

At Fun Planners, our well thought and professional Casino nights come fully equipped with event dealers, gaming tables, and fun money that is used at all tables for betting. Betting limits and chip values are displayed at gaming tables and are determined by your committee. As guests arrive at your event, they can receive a pre-determined amount of casino “play” money which will directly influence how much money they will spend the rest of the evening. Make it event more enjoyable by offering raffles during the events to raise money and offer prizes to those who are in attendance.
The tables that Fun Planners provides are designed for a genuine casino atmosphere, staffed with certified dealers and croupiers who not only entertain your donors, but also teach them. Every gaming table and its accessories are held at a Las Vegas standard. Our outstanding Orlando event planning lets us shine above any other casino entertainment. Our chips are heavy weight, our tables are mahogany wood finish, and we use authentic roulette wheels.

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To learn more about our Casino Events, or our Orlando event planning services, contact Fun Planners today at (866) 511-4FUN.

How to Have a Successful and Fun Casino Night Fundraiser

Orlando casino night fundraisers are a popular and profitable type of fundraising event. These events typically raise a considerable amount of money for a favorite charity and participants get to have a fun night out while donating to a worthy cause.

  • Budget: One of the first decisions you need to make is how much money you want to make with your event. That amount will help you determine your budget for the event and ticket price for guests. Knowing how many tickets you need to sell will also give you a specific amount of guests to plan for. You also need to decide the amount of casino funny money is included with each ticket and whether the ticket includes anything else such as complimentary drinks or food.
  • Location: The location is another important early decision. You’ll need a space large enough to accommodate a number of gaming tables as well as enough space for players to get around comfortably. Will there be food offered? Did you want to include an auction or raffle? All these questions will factor in the location space as well as teller booths, décor, bar service and seating.
  • Games: Choose your games and the number of tables you’ll need for a successful event. There are several types of poker tables available for rent such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker as well as other popular casino games Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. Those tables will all need dealers. Other games to consider including are a Pachinko machine and skill stop machines.

As a corporate event, a casino night fundraiser is not only great for raising funds and awareness for charity but a terrific bonding and networking opportunity for associates. You could have tables sponsored by different departments and have each department compete against each other to see who raises the most money.

There are a lot of details to consider with your Orlando casino night fundraiser. One of the best choices you can make is to let the professionals at Fun Planners handle it all for you. We will provide the best high quality equipment and staff for your event. Contact us at 1-866-511-4FUN for a quote today!


The 5 G’s of Your Florida Casino Night Fundraiser

Looking for a fun and unique theme for your next fundraiser? Consider hosting a Florida Casino Night! With proper rental equipment and decor, you can maximize your fundraisers potential while providing your guests with a memorable and authentic Las Vegas experience. Whether you’re raising money for your business a church, an educational facility or a pet rescue, a casino night fundraiser will bring in a large and giving audience. When planning your casino night fundraiser consider the 5 G’s:

  • Goal – What are your financial goals for the fundraiser? If you’re trying to reach a certain monetary value, let your guests know your goal and what you plan on using the money for. Having a set goal during the planning process will allow you to decide on entry fees and it will help to budget the fundraisers expenses.

  • Guests – Always take your guests enjoyment and needs into the planning process. Are you going to offer them drinks and food? Are you going to charge them for it? Charging for drinks can profit your fundraiser, but if they’re overpriced then attendees will be dissatisfied. Give your guests a reason to attend. Also consider selling your tickets in advance, as well as at the door. It is convenient for your guests and it will serve as an early warning sign, indicating that your event needs more marketing.

  • Games – Never skimp on the games! Obtain all the popular Las Vegas casino games including Blackjack, Poker, Craps and Roulette. Always have enough games to satisfy your attendees. A good rule of thumb is to have enough tables so that at least half of your guests can be playing at one time.

  • Goods – Also consider having a raffle for individuals who do not want to gamble. Let non-gambling attendees use their chips to purchase raffle tickets.

  • Gifts – When hosting a Florida casino night fundraiser, consider charging guest for entry. This cost will include a certain number of chips and that entry fee will help to reach your fundraising goal. Give the winner of the tournament a prize or a nice gift to go with their bragging rights, and have some fun with it! That goofy, custom-made prize may be worth more to your winner than the money, especially when they know their winnings are going to a good cause.

Promote your event in a special way. Let your employees, coworkers, classmates or guest dress up in classy attire and enjoy a night on the town. This could be a night out for the parents, or a night away from the parents. Cater your event to your identified potential audience.

If you’re planning to host a Florida casino night but are unsure where to start or where to get the equipment, contact Fun Planners. We’re your Florida party planning experts and we have all the equipment and staff available for your next casino night fundraiser.


Brief Background for Your Next Florida Casino Night

Have you been put in charge of your organization’s annual company picnic? For a unique and memorable corporate experience, consider throwing a Florida Casino Night! For the absolute event experience, let Fun Planners help you plan an authentic casino experience so your guests feel as though they have truly been transported to Las Vegas for absolute amusements throughout the night!

Party Planners feature 4 different games in our Florida Casino Night services: Blackjack, Poker, Craps and Roulette. Each table is staffed with certified dealers and croupiers who will captivate and coach your guests on the game they choose to play. In order to decide what game you want to focus on playing, it’s important to get some background on the different casino games available. By getting a basic idea of what the game is and how it’s played, you’ll be one step ahead of your coworker-competition.

  • Blackjack: Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, is the most widely played casino game in the world. In this game, players do not play against each other; they play against the dealer. The card dealer at your Blackjack table will make sure all your guests know what they are doing and are having fun too!

  • Texas Hold’em Poker: Texas Hold’em, a very popular type of poker, involves continuously placing bets in an effort to win the other players’ money. Players are dealt 2 cards and 3 cards are placed face down on the table. Players then take turns betting on the 3 cards as they are each turned over. This is a game in which bluffing is required. You can fold, or leave play, at any time, or lie your way to the pot (the term for the round’s winnings).

  • Craps: Craps is a game played with dice and players bet on the outcome of the roll. Many people have not played Craps before and are intimidated by the rules. Do not worry about adding Craps to your Florida casino night because your Fun Planners croupier will guide your guests on all matters of play.

  • Roulette: Roulette is a game in which players place their bets on a number located inside the wheel. Fun Planners’ authentic Vegas roulette wheel will have your guests feeling they are at a real Vegas casino as they watch the ball land on their number.

Each of our games and their accessories are held to the highest Las Vegas standards, featuring lighted, mahogany wood finish tables, and heavy weighted chips for that authentic Vegas feel. Our roulette wheels, playing cards and dice are also of the highest quality. We want your guests to experience a true Vegas casino night right in Central Florida.

To host your exciting Florida Casino Night, one that your guests will remember for years, contact Fun Planners. We are your number one  party rental in the Orlando area. Your guests will never feel that the equipment and dealers are the pop noggin type because we ensure that our tables, the accessories and dealers are all top-notch, and Vegas caliber. Fun Planners provides everything you need for the ultimate Las Vegas Casino Night!

Things to Remember When Throwing Your Next Florida Casino Night

For the past three years, Las Vegas has worn the crown as the most popular travel destination for American adventurists in the United States. Glitzy shows, blackjack tables, lavish hotels and the promise of unforgettable night life are enough to lure in any traveler. However, in today’s busy world, finding the time and the funds to travel to Las Vegas to try your luck on the card tables can be extremely difficult or outright impossible.

So, what do you do if you can’t go to the Las Vegas casino? Bring the casino to you! Casino parties have become a national party theme phenomena. For hosts who want to divert from the ordinary and push for the extraordinary, throw a Las Vegas casino-themed party. When planning your next Florida casino night, don’t be a minimalist, do it right! Here are some important things to remember when planning your next casino party.

  • Staff your party with the real deal. Hire experienced dealers to run the tables. The last thing any Las Vegas casino enthusiast wants to deal with is an inexperienced or clueless dealer. While some guests may find it amusing to play dealer, the event will be much more authentic if you hire an event company or professional dealers.

  • Go big or go home. If you’re going to commit to the real Vegas experience at your Florida casino night, make sure you have all the appropriate equipment, such as craps tables and roulette wheels. Give your guests some options and try to offer a minimum of three or four different games to chose from.

  • Experiment with themes. To authenticate the experience, consider theming your party to match popular themed Las Vegas casinos. You have the option to establish one central theme or to divide your gambling rooms into separate theme zones. When choosing a theme, make sure to go all out with staff wardrobe and decor.

  • Help your community. A Florida casino night is a great way to raise money for a good cause. Partner with a local charity and help make a difference within your community. Charge admission and allot each guest a certain amount of gaming chips, or allow free entrance but make guests buy in to get their chips. Rather than taking home the big pot at the end of the night, the ultimate winner will get bragging rights and the knowledge that their winnings went to a good cause. You could also offer prizes for certain winners so they have something tangible to compete for.

  • Set a strict budget. With the amount of detail and glamour they bring, Florida casino parties are not cheap. Deciding what you are willing to spend while in the planning stages will save on unexpected rental bills. Prioritize what your party needs and what can be excluded.

 Hosting a Florida casino night will help Las Vegas lovers get a taste of the real deal.  Leave the planning to the experts–partner with Fun Planners for all you see above and more! We have the experienced staff, the games and the ability to theme your event to fit even your wildest dreams. Contact us, your Florida casino party experts, at 1-866-511-4FUN, or visit our website today for a free quote.


What can a Celebrity Impersonator do for Your Casino Party?

A celebrity impersonator is a person who dresses, and behaves like a living or deceased celebrity. The first step in seeking a celebrity impersonator for your Florida casino party is seeking someone with a physical resemblance to your intended star. This resemblance is a stepping stone for the impersonation, as the persona of the celebrity is reached by mimicking language, speech patterns, dress and behavior.

Celebrity impersonators can liven up any event. Here’s a short list explaining why celebrity impersonators should be a top priority at your next casino party in Florida:

  • They are often unexpected – The shock and awe of seeing renowned celebrities or characters being impersonated is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s uncanny how well a professional celebrity impersonator can portray their celebrity persona. The addition of celebrity impersonators creates a fun atmosphere where people are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves.

  • They are the center of attention – When they arrive, they’re sure to draw in ALL of your guests. An impersonator’s charisma will fill any room with an air of excitement and laughter. Your guests will love playing along with the impersonator’s high-energy performance.

  • Celebrity impersonators are perfect for promotional purposes – Celebrity impersonators are also a fantastic marketing tool if your event is promoting a product or service. Pairing the appropriate impersonated celebrity with the promoted commodity is not always easy, but when done correctly it is extremely  memorable.

  • Impersonators offer a personalized experience – No matter what your vision, the opportunities are endless. A professional celebrity impersonator will create an experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

  • Celebrity entertainment value – Many impersonators have trained in theater, stand up comedy or vocals. While live bands are expected, celebrity impersonators bring an unexpected touch to the entertainment.  If you are hosting a casino party in Florida, you could look into bringing Elvis’ soulful crooning to the event, or maybe even Britney Spears’ pop act, as she is Vegas’ newest resident.

  • A photo opportunity you’ll never get with the real thing-  If you happen to meet your favorite celebrity on the street, what is the likelihood that they’ll stop and have a fun photoshoot with you? Impersonators love interacting, and staging the greatest cover worthy photos with your guests.

Finding the perfect impersonator to enhance your Florida casino party isn’t always easy. At Fun Planners we are dedicated to providing exceptional special events, corporate parties, fundraisers, themed parties and much more. We can help provide you with world class entertainers and celebrity impersonators. Call us today at 1-866-511-4FUN to learn more about our services and what we can offer your next event.