Go All in & Have Casino Night for Your Fundraiser

The end of the year is a great time to consider planning your annual fundraiser. There are several ways for a non-profit to raise funds throughout the year, but one, in particular, tends to be popular among not only organizations, but also attendees, and that is a casino fundraiser! Casino fundraisers are a great way to give your donors a fun evening out while also raising money for your organization. Here are some questions to ask when planning a casino fundraiser from your experts in Florida corporate events, Fun Planners.

When planning a casino night, consider your revenue options. Will you sell alcohol? What percentage of drink sales can go towards donations?

The cost of the ticket can place weight on how much money your guests will spend on beverages. Make sure you consider the cost of alcohol and a bartender before you determine the cost of each drink. You can also consider having beer and wine and a limited number of hard liquor options to help control your cost.

Will you charge for food or will it be included?

Again, depending on the cost of the ticket, you can decide if you want this to be an additional revenue stream. Typically, meals are included in the cost of the ticket, adding more value to donor / guest.

Should you have a silent auction to offer guests?

Silent auctions are a great way to attract people who want to participate but, perhaps, they don’t gamble or play games. Months before your event, seek out donations for hotel rooms, theme park passes, spa days, product offerings, and more so that all proceeds from the silent auction can go to donations.

Do the casino tables offer sponsorship opportunities where local businesses can sponsor tables?

If you don’t already have one, create a sponsorship plan with each table, allowing the sponsor to post advertising pamphlets or a banner on the table or within the event.

Have you considered all of your expenses?

Some expenses to consider when planning a casino event include the facility rental, decorations and props, dealers and bartenders, catering, insurance, security, and clean up.
A casino night is a lot to plan, but don’t worry. Fun Planners, a Florida corporate event planning company, can help plan your next casino night from start to finish. So, when you are ready to get started on planning your next non-profit event, call Fun Planners, where we bring the fun. 407-955-4949.