The 5 G’s of Your Florida Casino Night Fundraiser

Looking for a fun and unique theme for your next fundraiser? Consider hosting a Florida Casino Night! With proper rental equipment and decor, you can maximize your fundraisers potential while providing your guests with a memorable and authentic Las Vegas experience. Whether you’re raising money for your business a church, an educational facility or a pet rescue, a casino night fundraiser will bring in a large and giving audience. When planning your casino night fundraiser consider the 5 G’s:

  • Goal – What are your financial goals for the fundraiser? If you’re trying to reach a certain monetary value, let your guests know your goal and what you plan on using the money for. Having a set goal during the planning process will allow you to decide on entry fees and it will help to budget the fundraisers expenses.

  • Guests – Always take your guests enjoyment and needs into the planning process. Are you going to offer them drinks and food? Are you going to charge them for it? Charging for drinks can profit your fundraiser, but if they’re overpriced then attendees will be dissatisfied. Give your guests a reason to attend. Also consider selling your tickets in advance, as well as at the door. It is convenient for your guests and it will serve as an early warning sign, indicating that your event needs more marketing.

  • Games – Never skimp on the games! Obtain all the popular Las Vegas casino games including Blackjack, Poker, Craps and Roulette. Always have enough games to satisfy your attendees. A good rule of thumb is to have enough tables so that at least half of your guests can be playing at one time.

  • Goods – Also consider having a raffle for individuals who do not want to gamble. Let non-gambling attendees use their chips to purchase raffle tickets.

  • Gifts – When hosting a Florida casino night fundraiser, consider charging guest for entry. This cost will include a certain number of chips and that entry fee will help to reach your fundraising goal. Give the winner of the tournament a prize or a nice gift to go with their bragging rights, and have some fun with it! That goofy, custom-made prize may be worth more to your winner than the money, especially when they know their winnings are going to a good cause.

Promote your event in a special way. Let your employees, coworkers, classmates or guest dress up in classy attire and enjoy a night on the town. This could be a night out for the parents, or a night away from the parents. Cater your event to your identified potential audience.

If you’re planning to host a Florida casino night but are unsure where to start or where to get the equipment, contact Fun Planners. We’re your Florida party planning experts and we have all the equipment and staff available for your next casino night fundraiser.