Casino-Themed Entertainment

Enjoying a casino style night doesn’t always mean losing your money. At Fun Planners, you can get both the gambling thrill and keep your money safe in your pocket. Whether it’s a corporate event, a big family gathering, or just hanging out with your friends, you can live your casino dreams.

Casino Corporate Event
If you are planning a corporate event, a casino night might not be the first thing on your radar, but it should be. Sitting down and trying to do outdated team-bonding exercises won’t cut it anymore in today’s climate. A thrill-filled night is bound to break the ice and have your guests enjoying some friendly rivalry that will bond everyone for years to come. Rent a Skill Stop Machine and give your employees a night of free play! 

Gambling in a Family Gathering
I know what you are thinking, how is my 80-year-old grandmother going to enjoy this? Just because she is old doesn’t mean that she won’t also enjoy the highs and lows of a thrilling gamble, especially when all the money is play money. Having family fun doesn’t always mean having a nice dinner or going to a park. Leave the kids with the nanny and have some poker fun!

Gambling With Your Friends
Enjoying a casino night doesn’t mean you have to go all the way to Las Vegas; gather your friends right at home for a fun time and gamble the night away. Choose from a Blackjack or Craps table for the night — and you can even order them with LED lighting! At the end of the night, they will all thank you for the best night of their life, because here at Fun Planners we go all out to ensure your satisfaction. 

When it comes to planning your casino night event, Fun Planners is committed to helping you every step of the day. We have an array of different casino games that you can enjoy, and every table and accessory is held at a Las Vegas Standard, making your experience more authentic. We provide everything you could possibly need for a casino night event, and with fake play money you can bet as high as you want and save your wallet. Our casino event packages are designed to perfectly fit you, your organization, and your guests. Contact us today at 407-955-4949