The Gift Guide For Event Planners

Are your loved ones constantly asking what you want for Christmas — and are you constantly at a loss as to what to say? Let us help you, help them. Throw these items on your wish list, and the next time someone asks you for gift ideas, you’ll be prepared. Honestly, what more would they expect from their favorite event planner than an organized list?

Bullet Journal: The Leuchtturm1917 is the classic bullet journal for a reason. This revolutionary organizational system maximizes productivity and serves as a task manager, sketchbook, journal, and idea-catcher. Because you get to design your own journal’s layout, you can track whatever you want, however you want. And once you have the journal, make sure to grab the perfect no-bleed pens.

Luggage Tags: Consider a personalized luggage tag for the ever-traveling event planner in your life!

Bluetooth Headphones: This is the gift that everyone wants but always forgets to ask for! Don’t underestimate a solid pair of headphones, especially when it comes to long plane rides and relaxing runs after stressful events.

Power Banks: When working long, crazy events — and crazy events hours — planners rely on their portable charger to keep their phone going. And you can (seriously) never have too many chargers! Make sure to choose slim, sturdy chargers that can fit in a wallet or purse.

Cord Saver Wrap: You don’t want power bank cords or new headphones to get tangled and ruined, so consider pairing those gifts with a cord wrap to keep everything neat.

Comfortable Shoes: Check out tried-and-true favorites such as Tieks and Lucky Brand Ballet Flats to guarantee comfort while running around.

A Spa Voucher: Send the event manager in your life to their favorite spot for the day to decompress, get an amazing massage, and put their feet up.

Bath Bombs: If a spa day at home is more your thing, bath bombs are the perfect way to relax.

Travel Adapter: It’s crucial to have a travel adapter so that you can safely charge electronics while traveling. This is a great way to relieve a bit of stress for the international event planner!

Aromatherapy: Essential oils are the latest craze, and for good reason; aromatherapy offers a multitude of health benefits. Help the event planner in your life relax, get rid of headaches, and a get a great night’s sleep with an essential oil diffuser or aromatherapy candle.

Travel Bags: Search for versatile, durable bags that meet international travel requirements.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Mug: Event managers are always on the go, and never getting enough sleep to do so. We practically have coffee coursing through our veins! An eco-friendly coffee travel mug is the perfect Christmas gift!

If you have a friend who works in Orlando event planning, this list is the perfect gift guide! This year, you can get them Christmas gifts that they’ll love.


Don’t Have a Boo-ring Halloween Event

It’s tempting to celebrate Halloween at work by just putting out a bowl of candy. But why do that when you can plan an exciting and spooky Florida corporate event that gets your employees in the holiday mood? Get inspired by the ideas below!

Pumpkin Carving Party
Ask each guest to bring their own pumpkin, and tell them that you’ll be providing all of the pumpkin cutting tools. While it’s tempting to break out larger steak knives, your best options are the little knives that come in pumpkin carving kits. You can also offer some more unusual carving options, such as keyhole saws, hole cutters, power drills, melon ballers, chisels, awls, and cookie cutters.

When it’s time to set up, make sure you purchase several carving kits, lay down some newspaper for guests to carve on, and have printed design templates. Set out bowls to place “pumpkin guts” and seeds into, and offer hand sanitizer to wipe off gooey hands. It’s also smart to provide markers and pencils for your artsy guests to sketch out their designs before carving. Plan to host this party outdoors for easy cleanup, and don’t forget to serve warm cups of cider!

Murder Mystery Dinner
Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with the murder mystery — that’s why you buy a kit! After researching and finding the story that’s perfect for your business, send out invitations that include costume suggestions, character descriptions, and character backgrounds. This is a great choice for a company who enjoys being theatrical, or whose employees are especially comfortable with one another. The key to a great murder mystery is great actors! Encourage your guests to get dramatic, dress outrageously, and interact with each other throughout the evening. It’s crucial that each one of your guests RSVPs; all characters must be played, and it will be a challenging dinner if the murderer is a no-show.

Ghost Tours
Do some research, and find out what ghost tours are available near you! Tours are available in a variety of themes and price points. If you have employees who are squeamish about participating in a ghost tour, encourage them by explaining that the tours are not just a thrilling way to spend the Halloween season, but they’re also an excellent way to learn about your town! You get to tour buildings you may have otherwise never stepped foot in, and you’ll learn things that won’t come up in a history book. It’s an exciting way to discover your city!

Fun Planners can help you plan the perfect Florida corporate event this Halloween. To find out how, give us a call at 407-955-4949.

Valentine’s Day Events

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. According to ABC, over half of the country celebrates, and it generated $18.2 billion in the United States last year. Love is definitely in the air, so what better opportunity to engineer an extraordinary event? Check out these Orlando event planning tips to organize an incredible Valentine’s Day night out.

Free Childcare

It might seem simple, but the best thing you can give a tired parent is a night off – especially if it’s free. Budget appropriately so parents can drop off their children in a safe environment with trustworthy caretakers at no additional cost.

Be Unique

While there’s nothing wrong with a nice dinner date, use your event to offer couples an exciting, atypical night out. Contact a local improv comedy club or group and see if they are willing to perform at your event. Design a memorable meal with cooking demonstrations, special cocktails, and beautifully themed desserts. You can even offer a night of ballroom dancing lessons, providing silly props like feather boas and hand fans, and partner with a local florist to offer corsages as a fun throwback to prom days. Keep the dance lessons lighthearted to keep your guests feeling comfortable and at ease.

If you live somewhere where Valentine’s Day brings nice weather, take advantage of it and host an outdoor drive-in movie. Set up an inflatable movie screen, arrange twinkle lights in the trees, and decorate with wooden accents. Sell tickets to enter, and prepare a ‘cozy kit’ for each car, complete with blankets and pillows to stay warm. Stock concessions with popcorn, cotton candy, and old-fashioned Coke bottles.

Picture Perfect

Enlist a local, professional photographer to come and not only take event photos, but to take photos of each couple. Email each couple the link to where the photographer will share the edited copies, as well as with the hashtag they can use if they wish to share the picture on social media.

Share the Love

Valentine’s Day is a great time to shower organizations with love. Make sure your attendees know that you are excited to be donating partial proceeds from ticket purchases, flower purchases, or food purchases to a worthy and credible organization.

Feeling inspired to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day event? The Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners are dedicated to helping you make it a night to remember. Contact us online or at 407-955-4949.

Inflatables to Use at Your Holiday Party

If you’re charged with the task of planning a holiday party for your organization, you’re really coming down to the wire at this point. Since that time of year is creeping up on you, it’s time to think about what more can you add to the party to ensure it’s memorable for the employees and their families. Now, let us tell you that no holiday party is complete without inflatables. You definitely don’t want to go around setting these items up yourself, especially since you’re going to be busy with a million other things. Let Fun Planners help bring your holiday party to the next level. Here are some inflatables you should consider for your corporate holiday party.

Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy boxing is a fun inflatable that can bring out the competitive side in friends, family, and co-workers. We provide an over-sized, inflatable ring and the giant gloves to go with it. We recommend that all participants in Bouncy Boxing are ages 13 and up. Who will be crowned champ at your holiday party?

Bungee Run

The bungee run is a classic, and most people have enjoyed this inflatable at some event they’ve attended in the past. This inflatable takes two participants and puts them in body harnesses that are attached to a bungee cord connected to the back of an inflatable wall. The two competitors will then race down an alley to see who is the fastest of them all. This fun inflatable is recommended for adults and children ages eight and up.

Human Foosball

Human foosball can definitely bring your event to the next level, and it allows for up to 10 players at a time. Players will compete in a life-sized, inflatable foosball arena. Five vs. five–the two teams will get harnessed into their belts and positioned like a real game of foosball. This inflatable is recommended for adults and children ages eight and up.


Who can go wrong with a classic moonwalk at your corporate holiday party? Moonwalks are the perfect distraction and a fun activity for the kids at your holiday event. We provide colorful bounce houses that allow for multiple children to bounce at one time. We recommend ages toddler to 10 years old for this inflatable.

If you’re struggling with ways to spice up your holiday party, try reviewing some of the inflatable rentals that Fun Planners has to offer. We can bring multiple inflatables, and we also have other games and rentals that will be sure to bring cheer to any holiday party. For a free quote, contact the experts at Fun Planners by visiting our website and building a quote or giving us a call at 407-955-4949.

Secrets of a Successful Holiday Corporate Event

Halloween is officially over which means that most people skip right over Thanksgiving and head straight into the Christmas season. Not even 10 days past Halloween and all of the stores have their Christmas decorations up and are already playing the cheerful holiday music. And while it might seem like a tough pill to swallow, the reality is that if you haven’t been thinking about your corporate holiday party, you are behind. Don’t fret, Fun Planners is here to give you all of Santa’s Secrets to a successful Florida corporate event.

Since you are reading this blog, let’s assume that you haven’t started your planning. We will give you a super helpful list of things that you can do to kick it into high gear for your holiday corporate event.

  • Budget: First thing’s first, you need to determine your budget. Most Orlando corporations will have a set budget for holiday events, and you need to determine what your limitations are before you begin booking or planning. Your budget will weigh heavily on the type of party of you have, what time you have it, and where you’ll have it.
  • Who: The next thing to determine is who you will invite; of course your employees, but will you allow spouses and family? We recommend that you look back at your budget to determine if there will be room in the budget to support employees inviting spouses and family.
  • When: The time of day and the day of the week is also very important. If you don’t have the budget to support spouses and family and you want a high turnout rate, consider something during the day on a work day. It could be a nice break for the team to attend a luncheon during the week and step away from the hustle and bustle of everything. If you are inviting spouses & family, check out a weekend during the day or evening. This will offer a better turnout rate for the family.
  • Where: Finding the right venue is going to be key. Beware that venue prices tend to be higher during the holiday season, so if you can find a time that works for you & your employees that is a little outside of the standard norm, then you might be able to save just a little bit on your venue. Things to consider with your venue – will you serve food & drinks? Do you need room for activities or will you just be socializing? How many people do you need to make room for? All of these are important factors when considering where you will host your party.
  • Planning: Once you have determined some of these key factors, your next step is finalizing the planning. If you are having a tough time getting everything together and are worried about pleasing everyone, consider hiring a corporate event planner.

Holiday parties are great fun and employees are grateful when a company throws out the stops for them. If you are worried about getting your holiday party done in time, contact Fun Planners. We can help you from start to finish with your Florida corporate event. You bring the people, we bring the fun. 407-955-4949.

5 Holiday Team Building Exercises to Spread Cheer

2016 is quickly coming to a close, and stress levels are typically high around the holidays which means now is the perfect time to get your team together for some team building. Planning an Orlando team building event can help your company realign morale & goals for 2017. So how can you plan the perfect holiday team building exercise? Don’t worry, Fun Planners can provide you a brief list of holiday team building opportunities for you and your team.

    • Participate in a charity during the holiday. Charity work will help employees feel inspired and fulfilled and give your team an opportunity to get out of the office and spend time doing good in the community. Orlando has several non-profit organizations that you can contact to learn more about charity opportunities. Some Orlando organizations close to our heart are Harbor House of Central Florida, Lighthouse of Central Florida, Workforce Central Florida, and Second Harvest Food Bank.
    • Build games. Believe it or not, there are games that actually allow your team to create & build structures together that require communication & teamwork. Fun Planners can tailor a team building event to work best for your team.


  • Participate in relays. At Fun Planners, we have a wide variety of interactive relays such as the Big Foot Relay, Giant Tricycles, and PVC Racing. These are sure to bring your team together.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can make for a memorable event. You can split up your employees into teams; and think outside the box. Mix employees with other departments so that everyone gets a chance to work with each other and learn about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have a cooking contest – Friendly competitions are a great way to engage your employees and build upon communication. Make it a holiday cookie competition, and have contestants team up to come up with the most unique cookie and bring it to your holiday party.


No matter what you choose for your team building event, it’s important to know that the goal is about getting your team together for a fun and adventurous day. A happy and communicative team is an efficient one. Let Fun Planners set up the day for you & plan your Orlando team building event from start to finish. At Fun Planners, you bring the people, we bring the fun. Call 407-955-4949 to book your party today.

Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Company Holiday Party

Believe it or not, the holidays are not too far away, which means you need to get started on your holiday event planning. So, hop on board while we give you important tips for planning the perfect holiday Florida corporate event.

First and foremost, you need to determine your budget. Keeping within your allotted event planning budget is vital to your event, plus it will help you figure out answers to some easier questions, such as the type of event you will have. Companies with larger budgets can afford to have an evening party where spouses of employees can attend the event. If you are on a tighter budget, consider a luncheon during office hours to control attendance and keep within your budget.

Choosing a date and time is next on the list. Typically, most Florida corporate events are planned on the 2nd or 3rd week of December, allowing you ample time to plan without getting into the hustle and bustle of peak holiday craziness.

Once you have a date and time, you can choose your guests. This will depend on the type of event that you plan, but if you are planning an evening party, be clear on whether significant others are invited to attend. Most employers invite all of their employees, unless the parties are broken up into smaller departments, depending on the company’s size.

Now you need to choose a vendor and a caterer. This is vitally important as many places book up soon then you might anticipate. If you can get your venue and catering company locked down by mid-October, that should give you plenty of time to send out invitations, plan your theme, and select entertainment.

Don’t forget to set an agenda or determine if you will hire a corporate event planner. If you have room in your budget, hire an event planner as they can make sure the details of your event are taken care of while you enjoy your time at the company event.
Most importantly, have fun. Florida corporate events during the holidays are a great way to team build with employees and have a fun and relaxing time with everyone from the company. If you are in need of a Florida corporate event planner, contact Fun Planners, where we bring the fun! 407-955-4949.

Celebrating the 4th of July!

July 4th is fast approaching and there is no better time for a BBQ. This remembrance requires delicious and convenient food. A huge part of what makes the 4th of July so exciting is having access to finger foods, and Fun Planners makes this easy by catering your event. The licensed caterers at Fun Planners have hors d’oeuvres, buffets, beer & wine, festival foods, gourmet desserts, and plenty more. If you let Fun Planners handle your next BBQ, there were will be at least one food to cater to the appetite of everyone at your party. There are also free sample menu available.

No party or BBQ is complete without some form of entertainment. For the children at the party, Fun Planners has access to magicians, live animals, face painters, jugglers and even balloon artists. If your party is mostly adults, you can book go-go dancers, Vegas show girls, live bands, celebrity impersonators, fortune tellers, belly dancers and much more! Make your 4th of July BBQ unforgettable by putting on a show that is sure to excite your guests.

For both children and adults, Fun Planners has arcade & carnival games, inflatable rides, and game shows. Our arcade games have themes such as ocean, hunting, golf etc. or you can have one room for thousands of guests. We have the game Twister available, along with boxing rings and bounce houses. In addition, our games shows include Family Feud, Jeopardy or even Wheel of Fortune, a game that everyone can enjoy.

July 4th is a day for family and friends to get together and celebrate, but sometimes the fun can get minimized by the hassle of putting an event together. Whether it be a BBQ party or any event from birthdays to weddings, Fun Planners wants to help you with Orlando event management. Let us do the work, while you sit back for once, and enjoy the party. Call 866-511-4FUN to learn more and receive a quote for your next event.

Planning Your Office Holiday Party

Holiday office parties are a great time to get to know your co-workers and participate in a relaxing and social event that doesn’t take place during work-hours. Office parties are also a time for employee appreciation and showing your co-workers that you care and acknowledge their hard work. Organizing an office party doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with an Orlando event planning company, but there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your party this holiday season!

1. Make sure you schedule the party at least a week in advance! If you end up scheduling a party a day or two before the event, more than likely you will have many people skipping out because they already have travel plans or other parties to attend.

2. If you have the option to get out of the office, do it! Try throwing the party at a co-worker’s house, or even at the park. Everyone tends to think of the office as a place of work, and throwing a party there may not live up to its potential!

3. Plan it out! Make it more exciting and unique than just some soda and pizzas. If you’re on a budget, try having co-workers bring a dish for the party to share with everyone. This is a great option if this is a casual holiday, otherwise you can hire an event planner or caterer and plan a menu that fits your budget.

4. Will there be entertainment or is it purely social? You can always plan to rent a poker table, an arcade, or even karaoke to keep your co-workers entertained. There also the option of hiring a band or DJ, or creating a mixtape yourself!

Your Orlando event planner can help you plan the perfect holiday office party that will be fun and memorable. Fun Planners specializes in creating parties and events that you won’t forget. Call us today at 407-880-3521 to learn more about the services we offer and to start planning your next Orlando corporate event.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday held on the fifth of May every year, is celebrated in Mexico (primarily in the state of Puebla), as well as in the United States. In Mexico, this holiday commemorates El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla (The Day of the Battle of Puebla). In the US, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to commemorate Mexican heritage and pride. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music and street festivals in cities across Mexico and the United States.

Celebrate this historic Mexican victory with a grand fiesta. At Fun Planners, we have a comprehensive online store dedicated to all of your party supply needs, even Cinco de Mayo party supplies! Choose from our great selection of paper goods, decorations, candy bar wrappers, and accessories. Don’t forget the sombreros and maracas so that you can dance the Mexican Hat Dance!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!