Valentine’s Day Events

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. According to ABC, over half of the country celebrates, and it generated $18.2 billion in the United States last year. Love is definitely in the air, so what better opportunity to engineer an extraordinary event? Check out these Orlando event planning tips to organize an incredible Valentine’s Day night out.

Free Childcare

It might seem simple, but the best thing you can give a tired parent is a night off – especially if it’s free. Budget appropriately so parents can drop off their children in a safe environment with trustworthy caretakers at no additional cost.

Be Unique

While there’s nothing wrong with a nice dinner date, use your event to offer couples an exciting, atypical night out. Contact a local improv comedy club or group and see if they are willing to perform at your event. Design a memorable meal with cooking demonstrations, special cocktails, and beautifully themed desserts. You can even offer a night of ballroom dancing lessons, providing silly props like feather boas and hand fans, and partner with a local florist to offer corsages as a fun throwback to prom days. Keep the dance lessons lighthearted to keep your guests feeling comfortable and at ease.

If you live somewhere where Valentine’s Day brings nice weather, take advantage of it and host an outdoor drive-in movie. Set up an inflatable movie screen, arrange twinkle lights in the trees, and decorate with wooden accents. Sell tickets to enter, and prepare a ‘cozy kit’ for each car, complete with blankets and pillows to stay warm. Stock concessions with popcorn, cotton candy, and old-fashioned Coke bottles.

Picture Perfect

Enlist a local, professional photographer to come and not only take event photos, but to take photos of each couple. Email each couple the link to where the photographer will share the edited copies, as well as with the hashtag they can use if they wish to share the picture on social media.

Share the Love

Valentine’s Day is a great time to shower organizations with love. Make sure your attendees know that you are excited to be donating partial proceeds from ticket purchases, flower purchases, or food purchases to a worthy and credible organization.

Feeling inspired to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day event? The Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners are dedicated to helping you make it a night to remember. Contact us online or at 407-955-4949.