Inflatables to Use at Your Holiday Party

If you’re charged with the task of planning a holiday party for your organization, you’re really coming down to the wire at this point. Since that time of year is creeping up on you, it’s time to think about what more can you add to the party to ensure it’s memorable for the employees and their families. Now, let us tell you that no holiday party is complete without inflatables. You definitely don’t want to go around setting these items up yourself, especially since you’re going to be busy with a million other things. Let Fun Planners help bring your holiday party to the next level. Here are some inflatables you should consider for your corporate holiday party.

Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy boxing is a fun inflatable that can bring out the competitive side in friends, family, and co-workers. We provide an over-sized, inflatable ring and the giant gloves to go with it. We recommend that all participants in Bouncy Boxing are ages 13 and up. Who will be crowned champ at your holiday party?

Bungee Run

The bungee run is a classic, and most people have enjoyed this inflatable at some event they’ve attended in the past. This inflatable takes two participants and puts them in body harnesses that are attached to a bungee cord connected to the back of an inflatable wall. The two competitors will then race down an alley to see who is the fastest of them all. This fun inflatable is recommended for adults and children ages eight and up.

Human Foosball

Human foosball can definitely bring your event to the next level, and it allows for up to 10 players at a time. Players will compete in a life-sized, inflatable foosball arena. Five vs. five–the two teams will get harnessed into their belts and positioned like a real game of foosball. This inflatable is recommended for adults and children ages eight and up.


Who can go wrong with a classic moonwalk at your corporate holiday party? Moonwalks are the perfect distraction and a fun activity for the kids at your holiday event. We provide colorful bounce houses that allow for multiple children to bounce at one time. We recommend ages toddler to 10 years old for this inflatable.

If you’re struggling with ways to spice up your holiday party, try reviewing some of the inflatable rentals that Fun Planners has to offer. We can bring multiple inflatables, and we also have other games and rentals that will be sure to bring cheer to any holiday party. For a free quote, contact the experts at Fun Planners by visiting our website and building a quote or giving us a call at 407-955-4949.