Secrets of a Successful Holiday Corporate Event

Halloween is officially over which means that most people skip right over Thanksgiving and head straight into the Christmas season. Not even 10 days past Halloween and all of the stores have their Christmas decorations up and are already playing the cheerful holiday music. And while it might seem like a tough pill to swallow, the reality is that if you haven’t been thinking about your corporate holiday party, you are behind. Don’t fret, Fun Planners is here to give you all of Santa’s Secrets to a successful Florida corporate event.

Since you are reading this blog, let’s assume that you haven’t started your planning. We will give you a super helpful list of things that you can do to kick it into high gear for your holiday corporate event.

  • Budget: First thing’s first, you need to determine your budget. Most Orlando corporations will have a set budget for holiday events, and you need to determine what your limitations are before you begin booking or planning. Your budget will weigh heavily on the type of party of you have, what time you have it, and where you’ll have it.
  • Who: The next thing to determine is who you will invite; of course your employees, but will you allow spouses and family? We recommend that you look back at your budget to determine if there will be room in the budget to support employees inviting spouses and family.
  • When: The time of day and the day of the week is also very important. If you don’t have the budget to support spouses and family and you want a high turnout rate, consider something during the day on a work day. It could be a nice break for the team to attend a luncheon during the week and step away from the hustle and bustle of everything. If you are inviting spouses & family, check out a weekend during the day or evening. This will offer a better turnout rate for the family.
  • Where: Finding the right venue is going to be key. Beware that venue prices tend to be higher during the holiday season, so if you can find a time that works for you & your employees that is a little outside of the standard norm, then you might be able to save just a little bit on your venue. Things to consider with your venue – will you serve food & drinks? Do you need room for activities or will you just be socializing? How many people do you need to make room for? All of these are important factors when considering where you will host your party.
  • Planning: Once you have determined some of these key factors, your next step is finalizing the planning. If you are having a tough time getting everything together and are worried about pleasing everyone, consider hiring a corporate event planner.

Holiday parties are great fun and employees are grateful when a company throws out the stops for them. If you are worried about getting your holiday party done in time, contact Fun Planners. We can help you from start to finish with your Florida corporate event. You bring the people, we bring the fun. 407-955-4949.