How to Keep Your Guests Engaged From Home During COVID-19

As an event planner in the time of COVID-19, there is still plenty to do! Your audience is itching for interaction, and you should stay fresh in their mind. They will remember you for all the things you have done remotely. We’ve gathered some tips to help keep your network engaged during this time.

Get Your Voice Out There
You’re an expert, right? Experts share their wisdom. Your audience wants to hear your voice. Give a little light to the world right now with your words. If you don’t already have a blog or podcast, now is the time to get started. Feed their hunger with your knowledge, advice, and positivity. 

Host Virtual Events
With technology and the internet, we still have access to seeing people “face to face,” and have opportunities to host events virtually. Whether it’s a team-building event or a hangout for Star Wars lovers, the internet is the place to connect with each other these days and do all sorts of fun activities from afar.

Be Active on Social Media
This is a new process for all of us, so it may be hard to navigate, but we encourage you to keep showing up. Being active on social media shows your audience you’re not going anywhere and that you are there for them. There are so many benefits to being active on social media, which is a place where you can shine. For example, you can livesteam your virtual events right on social media! That way, your guests will feel nostalgic and be excited to attend again.

Keep Rockin’ and Rollin’
A part of being an event planner is the learning process. Use this time to research, attend virtual conferences, learn the do’s and don’ts of the industry, plan your event reschedules, and analyze data. All of the insight you accumulate now will help you in the long term when things pick back up.  

We know you’re itching for human-to-human contact. In time, we’ll all be able to get back to the party. When that time comes, call the Fun Planners experts at 407-955-4949, or contact us online. Our team is always here for you, near or far, and can help you take your event to the next level!