Throwing Your Own Star Wars Party

Star Wars fanatics, you can still have fun while in quarantine! If you have a team full of sci-fi aficionados, you can still participate in pop culture-influenced activities for the holiday. Even while living in lockdown, George Lucas has a way to connect people — something we all need right now. So celebrate May the Fourth Be With You online with these tips!

Buy Comic Books
While comic shops are closed, some are open online and need your business. Keep your eyes peeled for free comic books or other holiday specials. has created a list of ways to live the sci-fi life from your home. They even include an Alternative Free Comic Book Day on May 1st and 2nd! 

Attend an Online Conference or Convention
Cosplayers aren’t letting COVID-19 stop them from their con life. Virtual expos, conferences, and conventions are taking place all throughout May. Join the fun and read all the information on SyFy’s website.

Binge-Watch Shows and Movies
Thanks to streaming services like Disney+, we’ve got access to the Star Wars shows and movies right at our fingertips. From “The Empire Strikes Back” to “The Clone Wars”, you’ll have enough content to keep you busy all day long!

Cater Jedi-Themes Foods
What fun is a holiday without themed foods? The internet has countless galactic delicacies, such as roasted porg or a Stormtrooper cocktail. Don’t forget dessert; call up your local bakeshop or throw on your apron for wookie cookies.

Online Star Wars Games
We can’t even put a number on how many games are available on the internet. Though they don’t compare to the touch and feel of our pinballs, 3-D rail shooter, or pod racer, they will do in a pinch! Bring on the virtual competition, then before you know it, you’ll be back in front of the dynamic arcade games.  

Virtual Star Wars Hang Out
Set a time for your crew to come together. Dress up in character, grab your lightsaber, drink like a Jedi, and eat like Chewbacca. You can do all of the activities mentioned above, and then some. Either way, the force will be with you while building your team — online!

We know you’re itching for human-to-human contact. In time, we’ll all be able to get back to the party. When that time comes, call the Fun Planners experts at 407-955-4949, or contact us online. Our team is always here for you, near or far, and can help you take your event to the next level!