Every Event Planner’s Resolution

As an event planner, you should be analyzing data from every event you plan and execute. When in the coordination process, you ask the same questions over and over again: 1) How do I get engagement? 2) How do my events bring revenue to my business? Your events are an investment, so you should be using the right tools to help you be successful. Big data analysis is a great way to optimize event preparation, understand how to engage your guests, and gain general insight.

Why Big Data Analytics is Important
Data-driven decision-making is crucial for your events. Data can help you understand why certain functions do well, help you focus on resources, and how you can get the most ROI. Additionally, you can expand your audience , which will help you learn how to advertise effectively. For example, big data assists in recognizing what day and time works best. Dilligently collect data after each event to help you with the next one. If you’re using ticket-selling online platforms, this data is already provided to you. All you need to do is analyze and log the results.

Insights Help You Perform Better
Promoting to the proper audience is a key component to any successful event. Don’t lose engagement by simply advertising to the wrong people. Analytics give you the opportunity to determine when your prospects are online, how they can be reached, and the type of messaging they respond best to. Track your target audience then use tactics to draw them in. 

Future Trends on Your Radar
Like any good event planner, you should be thinking and planning ahead. Future trends in the event planning industry should be on your radar. There is value in big data that can lead to predictive analytics. Once you collect it, you can make predictions about the future. Identify what will be trending in six months or even a year. Tools like Google Trends allow you to gauge data on what your potential guest list is looking for.  

Planning an event doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you plan ahead. Need a little extra help on preparing the most fabulous event? Call the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.