Tips for Live Streaming Events

While social distancing and rescheduling your events, we recommend you to take the time to do some research about event planning as we move towards digital functions. Many event planners are hopping on the internet to live stream their events. We’ve gathered some effective tips for live streaming your event.

Techy Tips
Start by making sure you have a good internet connection, duplicates of all of the cables, batteries, and connectors, and keep all of your devices charged at all times. If you don’t already have the equipment, you’ll need a good webcam, lighting, and microphone for a professional  sound and look.

Think about where you want to live stream your event in advance. If it’s going to be outside, consider lighting and how sunny it will be. You’ll want a place with minimal background noise. Some microphones are built to help minimize any background noise. 

Prior to the broadcast launch, get on social media and your website to promote your event. You’ll want enough time to build excitement and engagement before the big day comes. Advertising should start two weeks prior to the event all the way to the final moment you go live. Remember to record it so your audience can watch it later!

Livestream Platforms
Vimeo, Facebook, and Freeman offers platforms to livestream your events online. Additionally, LinkedIn just merged its livestreaming and event tools for all company pages’ virtual events. For tips on throwing virtual events, check out our most recent blogs, including a virtual Earth Day event and an online Star Wars party. Be creative with interactive methods, such as unveiling products, sharing announcements, playing trivia, and hosting a Q&A  segment. This keeps your audience engaged and likely to stay through the end.

We know you’re itching for human-to-human contact. In time, we’ll all be able to get back to the party. When that time comes, call the Fun Planners experts at 407-955-4949, or contact us online. Our team is always here for you, near or far, and can help you take your event to the next level!