Easter Festival

Easter is quickly approaching on April 12th, so it’s time to brainstorm a fun event! With carnival game rentals in Orlando, you can make your Easter festival dreams come true. To help you better plan for your event, we have come up with some ideas that will come in handy when you’re in need for a little extra inspiration.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
Searching for eggs is one of the many staples of the Easter day celebrations. Rather than the usual run-of-the-mill scavenger hunt, the Easter bunny can take things to the next level. With dozens of carnival-themed activities at your event, you can incorporate them into the scavenger hunt. Hiding the eggs within the carnival games, will make for a perfect activity that children and adults can both participate in. The winner can take home a prize!

Easter-Themed Carnival Games
Don’t be afraid to add some pizzazz to your event. By renaming traditional activities like a potato sack race to a “bunny hop sack race,” your Easter theme will stand out. Adding some prizes like chocolate eggs in big competitions and activities, such as a tug of rope competition, will also give your event the fun Easter theme feel you are looking for.

Keep the Classics
Just because you are mixing carnival entertainment with your Easter celebration, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your classic holiday fun. By incorporating your favorite activities to your event, you will have the best of both worlds. While some of your guests can paint eggs, others can play ring toss or even whac-a-mole! This will ensure that your guests are never bored, and that there is always something fun to do.

Easter is a great holiday for a fun and lighthearted celebration. So don’t be afraid to use carnival game rentals in Orlando to make sure that your celebration this year is everything your guests could have ever dreamed of. Planning an event doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you plan ahead. Need a little extra help on preparing the most fabulous event? Call the experts at Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day Event

When you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day Event, it is best to make the celebration fun and lighthearted. One way to make sure your event packs in the fun is with carnival game rentals Orlando. We have also put together some tips to help put your event over the top for this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.

Wear Green
Christmas gets red and white. The Fourth of July gets red, white, and blue. But on St. Patrick’s Day we wear green. It’s a no brainer, but you have to remember that everything for your St. Patrick’s Day event needs to be green. The decorations, the clothes, even the food and drinks should be colored green. You can go ahead and throw in some other colors like gold to break it up a bit, but this is green’s day to shine. 

Scavenger Hunt
Who said the Easter Bunny should be the only one allowed to hide things for everyone to find? St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to break out the scavenger hunt ideas. You can have your guests searching for shamrocks that will lead them to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Include the carnival games in the tasks to add an extra level of activity!

Plan Your Own Parade
A parade at your event is a great way to get your guests involved in the action at your event. Prior to the event, let your guests know that your event will have a parade, and that they can be part of it. Allow groups to create their own themed outfits, or bring small props they can all carry together. Then give them the spotlight by letting them march down the middle of your carnival like they are their own floats. It’s a great way to let everyone have their own part to play in your celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday for a fun, lighthearted, and over-the-top celebration. Carnival game rentals Orlando is a great way to make sure that your event delivered the type of fun that St. Patrick’s Day is meant for. Planning an event doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you plan ahead. Need a little extra help on preparing the most fabulous event? Call the experts at Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.

Planning a Carnival

Is your dream to host a carnival? Carnivals are a fun way to community-build and raise money for good causes. Whether it’s for a school or church, you’ll need to make sure you plan ahead and have all the pieces to the puzzle. Fun Planners has the equipment and tips you need!

The best way to learn about any event is to do your research. Visit a carnival before planning your own. Attending events executed by others will help you realize what you need for yours!

One of the most important parts of planning an event is determining a budget. You can’t even begin to think about anything else without a budget in mind. Appoint a treasurer to be responsible for all of the money that is going in and out of your event.

A carnival is not a one-man job. You’ll need to recruit coordinators and volunteers way ahead of time. Set timelines and assign tasks. Organize areas of the event into sections, then assign a leader to coordinate that area.

You can’t jump right into hosting a carnival without mapping everything out first! Be sure to make clear and concise objectives. If you have goals set from the very start, you’re more likely to reach your goal. 

The most crucial part of planning an event is to be organized. Your goal is to have a successful event that will continue annually. Cut down on costs and time by going digital, including for ticket purchases.

Set a theme for your event and start booking a company to provide your equipment! Carnival booths, games, and rides are all available at Fun Planners. From Mardi Gras to Medieval, the options for themes are endless!
Planning an event doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you plan ahead. Need a little extra help on preparing the most fabulous event? Call the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.

Team Building Activities for Large Groups

Though it might be hard to focus on every team member individually at large corporate events, there is a multitude of ways to get the group interacting, practicing teamwork, and building relationships. Take a look at our favorite ways to entertain a large group!

Relay Races
Until now, you may have never realized how much you want to see your boss hopping in a potato sack or balancing an egg on a spoon. It can be quite comical — as well as challenging — to work as a group when you’re trying to finish a relay race. (Especially when you have to get a ball through a series of pipes only by tilting the frame.) Relay races are an excellent way to break the ice and encourage teamwork.

Arcade Rentals
Everyone loves a good arcade! Our variety of game room and arcade game equipment can fit any theme, including ocean, hunting, futuristic, classic billiards room, golf, and more. Our list of games is constantly expanding, so please feel free to ask for an updated list of games for your event date.

Casino Tournaments
Consider hosting a poker tournament. Our Casino tables are designed for a genuine casino atmosphere; each one is held at a Las Vegas standard. Tables even come staffed with certified dealers and croupiers who not only entertain your guests, but teach them! All you need to worry about bringing are the prizes you plan to give out.

Carnival Fun
You can’t go wrong with a carnival event. Whether you’re looking to plan an event inspired by pirates, the tropics, or the wild west, we can help you create the carnival of your dreams. Guests can race through an inflatable obstacle course, compete to outlast each other on the mechanical bull, or challenge each other to an inflatable jousting duel.

Game Show Mania
We’ve all sat around the television and cheered on countless game shows, secretly thinking that we could be better; we could solve that puzzle faster; we know more trivia. Why not bring the game show to your coworkers? From speed rounds of trivia to spinning a wheel for your fate, everyone will be on the edge of their seats.

At Funplanners, we’re all about Florida team building. We can match your activities to the theme of your event and provide all gaming and hosting means so that you can just kick back and enjoy. Contact or call us at 407-955-4949 for a guaranteed fun time!

The Best Company Party in Town

You’re the funny guy at the office. Life’s sometimes mundane, but you always know the right joke to crack. When Anne at the front desk shrank her favorite sweater in the laundry, you told her not to sweat it. Hilarious. Since you’re everyone’s go-to for fun, you opted to host the company picnic party… again. For years now, you’ve one-upped the t-shirt company across the road with your promise of only the best of times. You can’t wait to see the look on T-shirt Todd’s face when you head to the office with a big stack of board games cradled in your arms; one of them isn’t even a board game, it’s Twister.

The fateful day arrives and you’re ready. You close the car door, securing a display of saran-wrapped egg salad, two party packs of chips, and 15 assorted board games. After a quick stop at a balloon shop, you cram a giant bouquet into the back. The corner of the Twister box suddenly pops three balloons, and you groan, knowing the drive will surely pop two more. But if everyone pulls through, there will still be a feast and entertainment for an explosive three hours.

As you pull up to the office, you notice the T-shirt shop is closed; they must be too embarrassed to show their faces on party day. You’re glad T-shirt Todd isn’t around to see the spilled egg salad in the back of your car. The top layer is the only dirtied part, so you scoop it out and re-wrap the container. What people don’t know won’t hurt them.

You drop all your epic party contributions on the meeting table. Sally from two cubicles over brought a container of Publix cookies and a bowl of homemade salsa, but the rest looks suspiciously like what comes out of the vending machine downstairs. Sally’s the only one attending the party with you, bless her. After asking where everyone is, she nervously says that they’re at T-shirt Todd’s party.

Outraged, you storm across the street and knock furiously on the T-shirt shop door. You hear music playing around the back and can’t resist taking a quick peek — and you’re horrified. Standing before you is a towering inflatable, and your coworkers are jumping around with unprecedented energy. People are stuffing their faces at an impressive buffet, and Anne from the front desk is waiting for the entertainer to make her a new balloon sweater.

Your mouth is agape; your hands are still sticky with egg salad. T-shirt Todd pats you on the shoulder, attempting to look apologetic but not quite pulling it off — he’s understandably smug in his victory. You marvel at the luxurious chocolate fountain, laugh with your boss as he falls into the dunk tank, and cheer on your coworkers as they duke it out in the inflatable boxing ring. You sigh and accept your defeat; this was a hard party to beat.

Are you tired of being one-upped by another company’s parties? Put your trust in the Orlando event management experts at Fun Planners! You and your coworkers deserve it.

Prep For Your Carnival

Tis the season for fairs, carnivals, and outdoor parties. No matter your theme, our wide variety of carnival game rentals will fit your needs. Take a look at a few of the ways we can bring your event to the next level!

Pirate Carnival
For a carnival that draws its inspiration from buried treasure, colorful parrots, and Jack Sparrow, our products help your guests feel like they’ve joined the Jolly Roger crew! Start by decorating with booths backed with rustic wood planks and pile fencing sides, trimmed with pirate and tropical decor.

Attendees — or your “crew” — can start their adventure at the treasure hunt booth! A sea of sand, rocks, and decoys hide the winning piece of treasure from a lucky pirate. Afterwards, guests can head on over to the dunk tank and force a pirate to “walk the plank.” Encourage them to perfect their virtual fishing skills, launch cannonballs into a bucket, or try their luck at landing a ring around the Captain’s famous hook.

Old Western Carnival
Backed in wood plank fencing and fronted with split rail fencing, these booths will transport your event to the old west. Attendees can channel the spirit of the classic western standoff at Bottle Stand Up, an exciting game of patience and skill where competitors must stand up the bottle from its side using only a ring dangling from a stick. Later on, multiple players can head over to the Lucky Horseshoe Saloon. Each competitor can take a shot at the Moonshine Cork Gun Shoot where they strive to shoot liquor bottle targets off the bar shelf.

Tropical Carnival
Looking to plan a carnival with a tropical twist? From decorating with greenery and palm trees to theming your booths, it’s important to bring details to the little places! Our tropical booths are fully equipped with fish netting, lobster traps, and assorted tropical props to transport your guests on their dream vacation.

Don’t forget to bring island life into your activities too! Get the party started with a classic favorite like coconut bowling or a competitive round of crab races. Guests can practice their target skills over at lobster launch, where two players use a rubber mallet to land a toy lobster into a metal pail. You can also bring the ocean right to your event with our surf machine, an exciting simulator that brings the joy of surfing to even the littlest beachgoers.

Here at Fun Planners, we have the carnival game rentals to help you host the carnival of your dreams! Contact us today to find out more.