Prep For Your Carnival

Tis the season for fairs, carnivals, and outdoor parties. No matter your theme, our wide variety of carnival game rentals will fit your needs. Take a look at a few of the ways we can bring your event to the next level!

Pirate Carnival
For a carnival that draws its inspiration from buried treasure, colorful parrots, and Jack Sparrow, our products help your guests feel like they’ve joined the Jolly Roger crew! Start by decorating with booths backed with rustic wood planks and pile fencing sides, trimmed with pirate and tropical decor.

Attendees — or your “crew” — can start their adventure at the treasure hunt booth! A sea of sand, rocks, and decoys hide the winning piece of treasure from a lucky pirate. Afterwards, guests can head on over to the dunk tank and force a pirate to “walk the plank.” Encourage them to perfect their virtual fishing skills, launch cannonballs into a bucket, or try their luck at landing a ring around the Captain’s famous hook.

Old Western Carnival
Backed in wood plank fencing and fronted with split rail fencing, these booths will transport your event to the old west. Attendees can channel the spirit of the classic western standoff at Bottle Stand Up, an exciting game of patience and skill where competitors must stand up the bottle from its side using only a ring dangling from a stick. Later on, multiple players can head over to the Lucky Horseshoe Saloon. Each competitor can take a shot at the Moonshine Cork Gun Shoot where they strive to shoot liquor bottle targets off the bar shelf.

Tropical Carnival
Looking to plan a carnival with a tropical twist? From decorating with greenery and palm trees to theming your booths, it’s important to bring details to the little places! Our tropical booths are fully equipped with fish netting, lobster traps, and assorted tropical props to transport your guests on their dream vacation.

Don’t forget to bring island life into your activities too! Get the party started with a classic favorite like coconut bowling or a competitive round of crab races. Guests can practice their target skills over at lobster launch, where two players use a rubber mallet to land a toy lobster into a metal pail. You can also bring the ocean right to your event with our surf machine, an exciting simulator that brings the joy of surfing to even the littlest beachgoers.

Here at Fun Planners, we have the carnival game rentals to help you host the carnival of your dreams! Contact us today to find out more.