Virtual Fundraising

Nonprofits have always needed the attention of event planners, but even more so now during the current climate of the world. Although face-to-face functions are limited, fundraising efforts can still be accomplished through the digital world. Keep your favorite causes alive by launching the best virtual charity campaign!

Poker Night
Pretend you and your guests have a seat at the casino table with poker night! We offer turn-key poker tournament programs for up to 1,000 players to wager on the best hand. Our highly trained staff will help you organize the best poker tournament fundraiser, covering all the bases, including legal aspects, revenue boosters, tournament operators, event agendas, and so much more! 

Reach out to donors who can provide items, such as gift cards, products, services, and so forth. Shake things up by hiring a celebrity impersonator to be the auctioneer. Then set a time for participants to place bids, which can be done on teleconference services like Zoom or social media live streams. Websites like BetterWorld also offer access to platforms to host auctions in real time. When marketing the event online, don’t forget to give credit to your donors on the landing page and tagging their businesses or name on social media posts! Shareable content is the key to increased engagement. Don’t forget to sanitize the prizes before awarding winners!

Trivia Night
Test your audience’s knowledge by hosting a trivia night! Whether your guests are Star Wars fanatics or sports junkies, trivia is a great way to round up a team of passionate fans who want to battle it out. When it comes to trivia mania, we are the experts. We offer game show setups and custom questions. You’ll definitely score cool points with your participating players!

Birthday Celebrations
These days, birthday celebrations have gone from partying to Zooming. But don’t let that stop you from hosting an event. Online birthday parties can still be fun with the right activities and companies, and they’re a great way to round up donations for the birthday person’s favorite charity. Liven up a children’s event with clowns that will definitely give you a good laugh!   

Photo Booth
Capture the memories with a virtual photo booth! Guests can engage in a full-on experience conveniently on their phones. Snap a selfie and add a custom overlay, such as the company logo, brand colors, or messaging. Email [email protected] for keepsake link where guests can save images and share across social media!

Fun Planners are industry experts in all things Orlando event planning. We have the insider knowledge on executing the best fundraisers. When it comes time to plan an in-person event, visit our catalog for entertainment rentals. Give us a call at 407-955-4949, or contact us online, or more information. Our team is always here for you, near or far, and can help you take your event to the next level!