Event Follow-Ups

An event should have a lasting impression. Once it ends, don’t let your connection with your guests, sponsors, staff, and vendors stop there. A post-event follow-up is all part of the Orlando event planning experience. You can send handwritten cards, a digital surprise, or a mass note in a social media post — make it memorable!. Continue that relationship with your guests by staying in touch in the final phase of your event. 

Say Thank You
The most important thing you can do for your attendees is to reach out and let them know you appreciate them. This event wouldn’t have happened without them. Thank them for their time, attendance, and loyalty. Send them a little gift if you can, such as a coffee or entertainment gift card. It might be difficult to get in contact with each and every individual. Be sure to post a mass thank you on your social media channels as well to show your appreciation! 

Ask for Feedback
An event planner, or any industry professional, should be open to feedback and critique. While it’s fresh in their minds, contact them and ask them about their experience. Ask them what worked, what didn’t, what they loved, and what could be improved. Gathering this information will show them that you value their suggestions and will consider them for next time. The ever-growing desire of an event planner is to coordinate the best event yet!

Share the Memories
Every event needs to be documented and remembered through photography and videography. Once the content is complete, you can share it with your attendees. Send out an email with access to the memories, and share the highlights to social media. Tag everyone involved if possible, and give credit to the photographer and videographer. Tagging alerts those people to your post and increases visibility as they will likely share the content.

Offer Services
Let everyone know that you are there for them if they need anything. Offer your event planning services or potential partnerships. Keep yourself in their minds and on their list of contacts. The more you stay in touch, the more likely they will think of you when the opportunity arises.

Invite Them to the Next One
Half of an event planner’s brain is living in the present, but the rest of it is already planning the next function. After collecting data from the current event, alert your attendees of your future events. Sprinkle teasers and hints in your marketing deliverables.

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