Plan a Golf Event with Simulators and Arcade Games

Golf fanatics, plan the event of your dreams. With modern technology, guests will feel like they are actually on the course hitting the ball. Fun Planners has a large assortment of game rooms and arcade equipment for any theme you are implementing. Use this information to get started on the planning process!

Golf Simulator
With golf simulators, players display their skills on the driving range, putting practice, or even play up to 18 holes on a virtual course!  Use a real club and hit real or practice balls into the screen and see as you ball flies through the virtual course. See immediate results on drive distance, swing angles, and speed projected on life size screen. A variety of clubs for left and right handed players are provided.

Golf Course
A good golf event should have golf courses, even miniature ones. Add a twist to standard golfing games! Guests can feel like they are on a golf course with equipment like these:

  • Miniature golf course Standard: The standard miniature golf course is a 9-hole course with obstacles, including miniature windmill, ramps, tunnels, and more. 
  • Miniature golf course LED: Our miniature LED golf course features none holes and black-light illumination with obstacles.
  • Miniature golf course Glow: The Glow edition of the miniature golf course is similar to the LED version, but includes neon clubs and balls.
  • Miniature cure ball course: The miniature cue ball course includes nine holes with obstacles, including miniature windmill, ramps, tunnels, and more. Players use pool cue sticks to hit golf balls through waist high course.

Aqua Chipping Challenge
The Aqua Chipping Challenge allows you to place a LED-lit floating golf green in the pool. It includes up to three chipping greens, 50 floating golf balls, and an assortment of clubs for left- and right-handed players. It’s a fun way to incorporate a good game of golf right in a pool!

Arcade Games
Arcade games are a great way to add fun into your event! Our golf-themes games include:

  • PGA Tour Golf is a game for four players that makes you feel right on the course!
  • Golden Tee Golf is a four-player arcade game with 42-inch monitors on a stick on truss. Choose from a variety of players, courses, and more. 

We know you’re itching for human-to-human contact. In time, we’ll all be able to get back to the party. When that time comes, call the Fun Planners experts at 407-955-4949, or contact us online. Our team is always here for you, near or far, and can help you take your event to the next level!