Keep Your Corporate Holiday Party Enjoyable for a Diverse Audience

After suffering an intense food coma, battling the masses on Black Friday, and spending little Johnny’s college savings on Cyber Monday, it’s time to plan one of the biggest celebrations your organization will host this year: the annual holiday party. The office holiday party is the time of year when you can celebrate as a team; however, it’s important to remember that workplaces are a diverse space, filled with a plethora of people from various cultural and social backgrounds.

When planning your next holiday-focused Florida corporate event, remember these tips to appeal to your diverse workplace:

  • Emphasize what is shared. The whole purpose of this event is to celebrate as a team. Don’t try to recognize every culture or religion because it will not work. If you happen to leave one person out, there’s a big chance they will feel alienated and offended.
  • Draft a touching welcome statement. Start by acknowledging your workforce’s diversity in a nonspecific way. According to Sondra Thiederman, PhD, and author of Making Diversity Work, “Say [something like], ‘Look at the diversity in this room. Not only are we celebrating the holiday season and the end of the year and a job well done, but the fact that we’re all together in this room.'”
  • Diversify your food options. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian options are a great, safe choice for holiday parties. If you have the budget, always offer both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.
  • Leave Santa at home. Most people make the mistake of assuming that a holiday party is a Christmas party. Keep the Florida corporate event neutral by using balloons, snowflakes, candles, or other season-specific decor instead of reverting to reindeer, elves, and obese men in red costumes. Avoid including a different symbol from every culture, too.
  • Avoid carols. Keep the music neutral by playing oldies instead of trying to appeal to every culture, gender, or religion. Big bands from the 40s are always a safe and classy option.

If you’re looking for advice or assistance when throwing the perfect holiday-inspired event, contact the Florida corporate eventexperts at Fun Planners. We have the expertise to keep your event neutral and fun for every employee. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your event, view our rentals online.

Does your organization host an annual holiday party? What’s your favorite part of the event? Share your input with us and we’ll share it with our followers.