Catering to the Masses

Making plans to feed a large crowd is both stressful and intimidating. Event management teams for large-scale meetings and conventions often struggle with accommodating their guests, especially when it comes to presenting and providing dinner or snack options. To make matters even more complicated, how guests are served their food is just as important as the food they’re served, meaning there’s much more to catering for the masses than just providing them with quality food. Avoid the mundane buffet line at all costs. Instead, look for an out-of-the-box option regarding food presentation and delivery.

Elevate your event’s atmosphere and present your guests with a different way to dine with one of these innovative large-crowd serving methods:

  • Street Festival Feeding. Remember when you were a kid at the annual town festival or fair and there were booths of food, neatly arranged to accommodate the masses? These tents or stations offer a variety of different food options for attendings and activity tents can be dispersed among the food stations so that guests have things to look at and engage with while waiting for their food. Not only is a festival-style feeding a great way to dispense food to a large group, but it also taps into our old childhood memories of that fair that was previously described.
  • Food Truck Dining. Food trucks are a modern and hip option for hungry event attendees. Have your event management team look into inviting or hiring food trucks to come in and ensure every attendee’s dietary needs are met.
  • Communal Portions Please. For a communal table, simply bring each attendee a protein of some sort and then use the other food options as the centerpieces. This form of dining encourages networking and conversation. It’s a more personalized way to serve food because interaction is required during the meal.
  • Action Station Servings. This form of food presentation ensures that attendees have a say in what they get and how it’s prepared. For an Asian-themed event, consider making a noodle bar. Attendees grab their bowl of plain noodles, and then they are free to add whatever toppings they want to their noodle dish.

For the ultimate event experience, consider tying your menu offerings to the event with a universal event theme. If you’re looking for an event management company with experience in planning and preparing the most innovative events for large audiences, contact Fun Planners today. We have the available tools and experience necessary to make your large event a booming success.

Have you ever experienced one of these four dining methods at an event? Which do you like best, or which do you think you would like best? Share your input with us below.