Combatting Obstacles for Organizational Success

In the corporate world, the term “overcoming obstacles” is more than just a metaphor for solving a tough problem. Obstacles are both mentally and physically exhausting, but once the goal has been met, it’s a liberating and gleeful experience. As a team, you work together, establish goals, and do everything within your power to excel and squash the competition. For your next team building event, give your employees an obstacle like no other–let them conquer mountains and race down slides with Fun Planner’s expansive selection of inflatable rental obstacle courses.

An obstacle course is a great way to let your team work together to accomplish something that may seem impossible. When presented with an obstacle course, your team will stare at this looming challenge, unsure whether they can accomplish their goal. Once they have, they’ll look back and be presented with a visual reminder of their achievement and feel immense satisfaction and unity.

To ensure that your team building event doesn’t result in an unexpected trip to the emergency room, make sure your team recognizes and knows their limits, drinks plenty of water, and practices safety while tackling the course. Allow your team to preview the course and discuss how best to accomplish their goal. This will also give some the opportunity to assess which hurdles they are unable to accomplish due to injury. If they are unable to get on the course because of a disability or chronic injury, allow them to help coach others through the course on the sidelines. Better yet, let the entire team help coach the person currently on the course–make it a timed event and break your team into smaller groups of 3 or 4 and let them battle for a free lunch or day off.

Treat each inflatable hurdle as a life- or work-related obstacle. A team building challenge will help your team work together; recognize weaknesses and strengths in one another, allowing them to solve problems and strategize; and celebrate personal and group achievements. Always remember to stretch appropriately before the event. You can lead a large team stretch or allow each team to lead their own stretches. If you choose the latter, consider handing out a form that lists and demonstrates all the appropriate stretches so everyone is properly warmed up and prepared for the event.

If you’re looking for a reliable company to provide your team with the necessary tools for your next team building event, contact the professionals at Fun Planners today. Has your team ever faced and tackled an obstacle course? Share your experiences with us!