2020 Catering Trends

An Orlando company picnic is a great way to show your team just how thankful you are for them. After all, keeping your team happy often leads to improved productivity, which then leads to your customers being happier, and keeps your business flourishing.  The real question is what are you going to serve? Well, lucky for you, Fun Planners has put together some of the top catering trends for 2020 to help you with that exact decision!

Go International
International cuisine is a way to provide your team a little taste of everywhere right in your own backyard. Be sure to expand your horizons and think outside of the traditional Italian and Mexican cuisines. Serve foods from new and interesting places that are filled with fresh and exciting foods like in India or Southeast Asia.

Sustainability Is King!
Businesses today are working towards environmental sustainability, and your company picnic doesn’t have to be any different. Utilizing fresh locally-sourced foods is a great way to ensure your company picnic is environmentally friendly, is supportive of the local community and its businesses, and is something your team will certainly appreciate.

Eat Smart, Not Hard
If you have decided to plan your company picnic for a work day, pick meals that will boost energy and not weigh down your team. Heavy foods may cut into their production for the rest of their day. After your picnic is over, your team is heading back to their desks or workstations ready to roll. Stick to healthy and fresh options so that after the picnic, your team is working better than before.

It’s Food and It’s Art!
Sometimes the star of the event is the food itself, so why fight it? The food you serve can be related to or tell a story about the mission of your company. You can even use food to announce a new project or client you will be working with, or maybe help hint at the next big team-building event.

You appreciate all the work that your team does for you, and you want to be sure to showcase that appreciation with your company picnic.  Deciding how to best cater your event can go along way to showing your team how thankful you are to have them part of your business or organization. Planning an event doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you plan ahead. Need a little extra help on preparing the most fabulous event? Call the Orlando company picnic experts at Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.