2016 Event Trends to Impress Those Guests

Keeping event ideas fresh and new is the key to successful Florida Corporate Events! No one wants to attend the same event year-after-year, so revamp yours to keep attendees coming back for more! At Fun Planners, we are constantly looking for new ways to impress our guests. We’ve compiled some key trends that will be at every must go-to event throughout this year.

  • Color Palette. The number one color combo you will see at events in the next year is a rose quartz color and light blues. They will be at everything from weddings, baby showers, outdoor corporate events, and more! They are fun colors and can be incorporated into flower arrangements, food decorations (think cupcakes/cake), and lighting.
  • Food/Beverage. People’s taste in food are becoming more and more sophisticated and the events they attend should reflect that. When planning an event, think about these elements: locally grown/raised, natural, fresh, while also incorporating ethnic spices. For example, #FoodWineUnite was recently at East End Market to raise funds for the Orlando Pulse victims and their families. The most popular items were locally grown, fresh, and had unusual combinations of classic food, such as sausage or meatballs with ethnic spices. Beverages should be similar in that they are local craft/artisan spirits. To end the meal, think mini desserts or exotic flavored ice creams.
  • Technology. Social media offers many ways to elevate the digital interaction at your events. Live social media coverage is a great choice to incorporate technology into your event while also staying in on a lower budget. It allows people to interact online in addition to the physical party. It can include social walls, live sharing, and more. Snapchat now even offers the service of creating a custom geo filter for events. Consider making a specific hashtag for attendees to use and share photos with during the event, too.

The time is coming where many companies will start holding Florida Corporate Events, and the right colors, food/beverage, and technological interaction can make your event a true success! It’s a rule of thumb in event planning that success comes in thinking about the details, so consider this trendy details when planning your next party. If you need help thinking about the details, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.