6 Trends in Corporate Event Planning

There are still a few months between event planners and the busy conference season, but it’s never too early to stay on top the trends that lead to a successful event. In some cases, planning early can be what leads to a successful event at the perfect venue. Fun Planners is here to share six trends to put toward your future Florida corporate events.


  • Book Your Location Early: Location is a vital part of any memorable event, and the demand for the perfect venue makes booking difficult. Claim your space ASAP to avoid settling for a location less suited for your event.
  • Stable WiFi: Most people are connected through their mobile devices at all times. Business travelers especially rely on their devices to stay up-to-date when out of town. Make sure your meeting space can handle their need for a stable connection. Your attendees will appreciate it.
  • Stay Healthy: Your guests don’t want to forget their health while they’re at your event. Luckily, they don’t have to if there are healthy meal options available. Also, including creative exercise breaks adds an extra incentive to attend and helps keep your guests energized through the day.
  • Utilize Apps: Keeping track of RSVPs can take time away from other important tasks. Consider making use of an app to ease the checking-in process. An app can also benefit your guests by giving them an easily-accessible breakdown of the agenda.
  • Teamwork: Your event guests are part of a small community that can benefit from motivating each other. You can plan team building activities to build camaraderie between your attendees.
  • Engagement: One of the best ways to keep attendees interested in your event is to keep them engaged in event activities instead of treating them as passive spectators. They will gain more experience through action and leave feeling more accomplished.


If you want to add some fun to your next Florida corporate event, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949. We specialize in corporate events and have been serving Central Florida for over 15 years. You can also browse the rest of our blogs for more event planning tips.