Use Team Building as an Effective Tool in Resolving Workplace Conflict

The office is a melting pot of different personalities, cultures, ideals and morals. With such diversity some conflict may be inevitable. The existence of workplace conflict can create an uncomfortable and stifling work environment, filled with anger, anxiety and meager productivity.


Team building activities are essential to any organization’s success. Team building allows for people to handle and resolve conflict in a positive way. The office atmosphere becomes much more upbeat when employees know how to handle interpersonal conflicts.  Here are a few Florida team building exercises that can help relieve tension and resolve conflict:


  • The Values Drill

    • Break everyone up into groups of 4 – 8

    • All participants need an index card and a pen

    • Time: 15 – 20 minutes

    • Each person should write down 3 things they value on their index card. This thing could be an object, idea, or relationship. Have each person share what they value, and explain why they value it. Florida team building drills like this allow participants to get to know one another and help display how different and unique everyone is. And who knows, maybe they’ll build a relationship based on similar values.

  • The Perfect Team Member Drill

    • Break everyone up into groups of 5 – 6

    • Each group needs a flip chart or poster board and markers

    • Time: 15 – 20 minutes

    • Have each group draw the perfect advisory team member and label their character’s characteristics. Their character may have large ears to listen better or oversized biceps to pick up the team when they’re down.  Once the groups have finished they should present their characters to the other groups. This activity allows coworkers to resolve conflict because it allows them to identify that no one is perfect and that since this ideal character does not exist, they need to work harder within their team  to accomplish goals.

  • The Commonalities Drill

    • Break everyone up into groups of 4 – 5

    • Time: 15 minutes

    • Have each group create a list of things that are common among all members in the group, but not things that are identifiable just by looking at one another, such as nationality or the type of soda they drink. This shows participants that they all have common bonds with one another.

With every group of individuals, comes the possibility of tension due to differing opinions. These are just a few conflict resolving team building options. Join Fun Planners and use Florida team building activities to avoid and/or thwart conflicts within your organization. We will provide your team with absolute amusement and the absolute event experience. Have some fun and get creative with your team building exercises. Contact Fun Planners today at 1-866-511-4FUN and discover our wide variety of services and the best party rentals Orlando has to offer.