Inflatable Rentals are NOT Just for Kids

Orlando inflatable rentals continue to grow as a trend for events. But who said these inflatable rentals were just for kids? An inflatable ride is the perfect element to incorporate into your next corporate event, company picnic or team building event.

Summer is quickly approaching and with it the desire to feature outdoor corporate events and picnics for hardworking employees. Inflatable rentals are the perfect crowd-pleasing addition for any outdoor event. These air-filled amusements provide a fun and healthy way for your event attendees to compete for prizes and bragging rights, while letting loose and releasing their inner child.

Believe it or not, acting like a kid can actually inspire a sense of curiosity, promote open-mindedness and keep your mind sharp. Experiencing new things and having a fun recess-like time are two things that children thrive on–and adults can too! The physical activity keeps you focused, inspires creativity and delivers oxygen to the brain for added stimulation. While this may seem unimportant to an adult enjoying themselves during their company picnic–the intense stimulation and increase in creative thinking, created by those “childish” Orlando inflatable rentals, may help one of your employees figure out how to solve a problem that’s been causing them insurmountable stress all week.

For a child, playing is like a vacation, filled with pop noggins and other shenanigans. Think of all the good that will come if you allow your employees to take a mental vacation at their company picnic and play like a kid again. When we act goofy and play, we connect with others and stimulate excitement within ourselves. Using inflatable amusements as a team building game will also help your employees and coworkers become better problem solvers and inspire confidence and imagination.

Let your coworkers awaken their inner child by riding on a surf simulator. Have a competitive 12 rounds with your CEO in an inflatable boxing ring. If you’re looking for something with a bit less contact, look into renting an obstacle course. Your inflatable rental is the perfect way to bring your employees and managers together for an exciting and memorable day in the beautiful Florida sun.

Kids are not the only ones who flock to inflatable event rides. Fun Planners has the most extensive Orlando inflatable rentals selection. With only the highest quality equipment and the most affordable rental services, we’re the absolute amusements provider in the Central Florida area. You bring the people and we’ll bring the fun! Trust Fun Planners with your inflatable party rentals in Orlando, and we’ll never let you or your employees down.