5 Guidelines for Hosting Your Business’ Grand Opening

It’s called a “grand opening” for a reason. Without the “grand,” it’s just an opening.  You’ve been planning this business for months or possibly years, so make its debut a night to remember. Proper planning for your businesses’ grand opening is important. A grand opening will expose your name and get your clientele excited about your organization. Here are some brief guidelines from Florida event planning experts to ensure that your grand opening is successful and not tainted by any haphazard pop noggins.


  • Location, location, location! Need I say location more? For some openings, like restaurants, boutiques and other institutes that welcome customers to a physical location, it is necessary to host a grand opening at the business’ physical location. Businesses that lack a physical store and are more product focused, such as a designer launching a clothing line, should host their grand opening in an easy to find and fun location.

  • The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing (thank you, Joshua Harris)! Believe it or not, weekends are not a good time for your grand opening. Most people have set plans for the weekend, or simply want to relax. Think of your client base when planning the day and time for your opening. If you’re opening the latest recycled sporting goods store, and your client base is men, ages 18-39, then holding your grand opening at 2pm on a Tuesday may not be the best time because your clientele is most likely still working or in school.

  • Go big with your guest list. When inviting guests, remember, and don’t be offended by the fact that only about 25-50% of the people you invite will attend. Even so, send both electronic and printed invitations to everyone, including noteworthy individuals in your community, such as the local media, investors, small business owners, the mayor, your local Chamber of Commerce president, family, friends, and of course your potential clientele.  Allow your employees to spread the word and invite a few guests too.  Use social media, local advertising and public relations efforts to reach additional invitees.

  • Wine and dine your guests. If you’re opening a restaurant and did not plan on serving food, shame on you! Your guests will expect hors d’oeuvres, at the least. Hire a catering company or a full service Florida event planning company such as Fun Planners to accommodate your guest’s food and beverage needs.

  • If you’re feeling unsure, host a soft opening. A soft opening allows your staff the chance to practice before the grand opening. The guest list for this event will be minimalistic and they will know that they’re the guinea pigs for your new business, making them much more forgiving and patient. A soft opening will relieve pressure from both the owner and their staff.


Fun Planners is the party corp. that can assist you with your next special event.  No matter what type of event you’re planning, we will provide the absolute event experience to all your grand opening attendees.  Contact your Florida event planning experts at Fun Planners at 1-866-511-4FUN.