# Tips to Write a Winning Event Proposal

Often, when companies are looking for Orlando event management companies to help with their special events, they will send out a RFP. These requests for proposals can be your company’s way to make a splash in the event planning industry. However, proposals can be tricky to perfect. If you’re looking for some tips to win over the big event of the year keep reading.

Do Your Research

Find out what companies look for in these proposals. Do they care more about the amount that it’ll cost, or do they care more about what you can do for them? More often than not, it’s both. Make sure in the proposal that you establish everything you can provide a bulleted list.

From catering to the venue to entertainment, it’s important for companies to see every step of the planning process. If you give them a huge lump sum without letting them know what they’re paying for, you can consider your proposal thrown in the bin!

Make the Proposal a Team Effort

Each event planning company has team members with different strengths. Let them take the reins on specific parts of the proposal. If one of your managers is great with budgets, leave the money up to them. If you have an incredible designer, encourage them to make a creative presentation of how they envision the event space and decor.

Follow a Process

When you’re writing proposals for businessmen or women to review, make sure you follow an order of operations like you would for any other client. First give an overview of the event, move into what the experience of the event will be for attendees, then you can close with a showcase of your services, budget, and finishing touches!

These are just a few of the sure fire ways to win your ideal clients. If you want more tips and tricks from Orlando event management company, Fun Planner, contact us today at 407-955-4949.