How to Be Proactive in Your Event Planning

It’s a peaceful Tuesday afternoon. *bing* An email from your boss. Hmm, strange… Oh no. You’ve forgotten about the big company event you’re supposed to be planning and it’s this weekend! Pause. Rewind. How can you be proactive in your event planning and not end up in this predicament? We’re here to help with all your Orlando event management needs!

Set a Schedule

With deadlines, timelines and an overarching plan, you’re less likely to miss a step. Get a planner specifically for your event and keep track of all details. Establish clear goals for your event. Are you raising money? You’ll need a way to keep track of ROI. Announcing award winners? You’ll need a flow of how the winners will be notified. By keeping track of the to-do, doing and done, you’re sure to hit every detail!

Assemble a Team

It’s cliche, but teamwork really does make the dream work. With more than one mind at work, your creativity will blossom and you can rest assured knowing not every detail is up to you. If a large event, ask for volunteers to form committees around your office. Your coworkers might have special skills you’re not aware of like crafting or decorating or they might know the perfect venues around town. By using resources already around you, you’ll cut your work and your stress.

If you don’t have the ability to ask for volunteers, maybe find an assistant to aid in executing your event properly. Or, if you have the budget available, hire an event planner to handle the vendor communication and day-of tasks.

Know Your Attendees

Each event is different. Goals, attire, theme; it all depends on what your particular event needs. How can you execute the perfect event? By knowing anything and everything about the audience you’re throwing the event for. If the event is for clients, a more professional event to show off your company in a positive light might be best. If the event is for your internal team, maybe a more laid back, fun environment would work better.

It’s important to identify who you’re gearing your event toward and craft the event for them. You’ll want to make sure you know what your attendees are expecting and provide that for them, whether that be a presentation, information, award knowledge, company information, a nice dinner or even a time to relax! Establishing your event focal point is key.

Spread the Word

What’s an event with no one attending? An important step in planning is making sure the event is known. Avoid tacky flyers and go for something like personalized event invitations or awesome video and photo content on social media to get the word out about your event. Not only do people need to know about it, they need to want to go. Make sure to promote your event as something they’ll definitely want to attend.

By following these tips, you definitely won’t end up throwing the company picnic or fundraiser together at the last minute. Don’t let your Orlando event management duties scare you. With your new knowledge, you’re ready to ‘wow’ your boss with your preparation and ensure your guests have the best possible time.