Planning a Summertime Company Picnic

The summer is an excellent time for you to plan your Florida corporate event, like a picnic. This 7 step guide will give your staff and their families a memorable company experience that they will never forget. Planning a corporate picnic isn’t easy, but we have compiled a list of suggestions for you to get started:

  1. Determine Who to Invite: This is key when planning a company picnic. Will you invite just staff members or will you also invite spouses and or entire families? Once you have this determined, you can estimate how big the corporate picnic will be and this way you can accommodate your audience. Note that on average about 80-90% of employees will attend a company picnic.
  2. Choose a Time: Timing is important, especially depending on who you invite. If you plan on inviting family, then the event needs to be after work & school hours so that family members can attend. Typically, these are held on a Saturday afternoon. If you invite only staff, you can potentially have the picnic during work hours where the timing might be more appropriate.
  3. Pick a Venue: Where you will host the company picnic will be important and the location can add excitement to your event. Take a look at your budget and consider some of the following options: local parks, amusement parks or water parks, dinner cruises, outdoor festivals, or even on the company property (if space permits).
  4. Planning Activities: Once you have your audience and guests determined, it’s time to pick activities that will suite everyone. If you have a picnic that includes family, make sure that you have activities that are fun for younger and older children. Bounce houses, carnival games, and rock walls are great for kids of all ages. You can also have some more competitive adult games, such as golf simulators and remote control car races.
  5. Entertainment: Nothing is more boring than showing up to a party that doesn’t have music, so hire an entertainer. If it is a large company picnic, a DJ with an Emcee with will suitable. Be sure to go over acceptable music with the DJ to ensure that all of your guests are pleased with the entertainment.
  6. Prizes or Raffles: Making a fun prize or raffle event is a great way to build anticipation for the picnic and can increase attendance. Don’t just make the prizes and raffles for the employees, get the kids and family involved too.
  7. Food: Food is very important when considering a company picnic. Of course, there are picnic classics like hot dogs and  hamburgers, but don’t forget that going healthy is all the rage right now, so consider fruit, chicken, and other healthy alternatives.

Planning a company picnic isn’t too bad, but make sure you consider all of the logistics. For example, what is your contingency plan if it is raining? Who will be responsible for the set-up and teardown of the event?

If you don’t want to deal with this hassle, or need help planning your next Florida corporate event, contact Fun Planners at (866) 511-4FUN. We offer full-service corporate event planning.