How to Organize a Safe Event

At the forefront of every Orlando event management team is the desire for an event to be fun and memorable. But, even more importantly, we want it to be safe for our guests and event-goers. Here are some tips to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Find the Right Venue

You’ll want to find a venue that prioritizes the safety and security of the establishment and the people that are inside. Find a venue with an emergency evacuation plan and clearly established rules and guidelines. For outdoor venues, make sure that your attendees know beforehand the safest places to go in the event of an emergency. Build trust with your vendors and the people attending your event is also one of the first steps to hosting a secure event.

Be Prepared

Nowadays, you can’t afford to be reactive. It’s important to have rules, procedures, and an emergency evacuation plan in place. Welcome proactive ideas into your event planning by establishing a chain of command, having a strategy in place, and minimizing your risk.

A common emergency action plan establishes where security will be placed throughout the event, what emergency services will be on speed dial or on premises, and where people will exit uniformly if something were to happen that required an immediate evacuation.

Stay Informed

Event communication should be a high priority for all volunteers and staff involved. The front of the house should be communicating frequently with the back of the house as well as necessary security guards and emergency services. It is imperative to have these communication lines figured out before the scheduled event.

Take time to practice security protocols beforehand to double check, and triple check, that all plans can be executed in lieu of a worst-case scenario. It’s important for your team to know the chain of command, evacuation plans, and where and when security will be accessible through the entirety of the event.

When you keep everyone informed, proactive, and prepared, you will be able to have faith that if a disaster is to happen, risk can be mitigated as much as possible. If you need more tips and tricks for Orlando event management, contact Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.