Fundraising in the Fall

Fall is the time of everything pumpkin, giving back, and celebrations. With the busiest point of the year approaching, deciding to host an event for charity can be tricky. With a little creativity for your Orlando event planning, you can create fun, fall-themed events to give back with your company and unite the community. 

Fall Fun Runs 
Running races are an excellent way to raise money for your favorite charity. There are a host of different Orlando runs in the fall to choose ranging from 5ks to marathons. If you know any family or friends that love to run this is their chance, especially since the air is cooler!

Many people love the spirit of Halloween, and take the chance to engage in many events related to it. There are lots of events to plan for all ages that can support whatever charity you donate to! 

  • Haunted House: Whether you are trying to redesign your favorite Halloween movie or simply set up some flashing lights paired with fake blood, these will draw in attention. Charge for admission, and have extra offerings to buy such as candy bags.
  • Costume Contests: Halloween is one of the few chances during the year to dress as something spooky or creative. Hosting costume events can be a great incentive for donations as friendly competition can create interesting costume ideas for adults and kids alike! 
  • Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree: Carving pumpkins is a halloween classic. Provide a prize for the best pumpkin with votes from the participants or have a panel of judges. Charging for entry fees is the way to collect donations. 

Food Drives  
Fall food drives are a popular, easy method to fundraise for any local charity. With many food-based holidays happening in the fall, collecting cans and packaged non-perishables is a great way to help the community. 

Football Frenzy 
Fall brings football season into play. Creating events are super easy if you have any friends or family into the sport. 

  • Tailgates: Show off your chef skills by hosting a tailgating barbecue. Provide food and drinks at cost. Also, you can charge for games like cornhole or ring toss.
  • Tournaments: Setup tournaments that are either flag or touch football, and charge for participation. Provide an exciting prize for the winning team!
  • Cider Sideline Bar: Apple cider comes around during the fall as well. Selling some cider to the participants in between games is a great fall fundraising tactic.

When it comes to fundraising, all it takes is a little effort and creativity. For more ideas on Orlando event planning or to get a quote, contact us online, or call 407-955-4949.