Tools for Event Planners

Planning an event is no walk through a park. There are so many moving parts, and it can be quite complex. Because there is so much involved in the event planning process, organization is a crucial part of executing a successful event. Thanks to technology, there are a lot of event management tools to help you stay organized. The only downside is that there are so many to choose from. Orlando event management company, Fun Planners, has tips on how to pick the event management tool that’s right for your business.

What To Consider
Case Studies and Reviews
When picking out the right event management tool for your business, it’s helpful to read over case studies and peer reviews of the event management system. Looking through these resources will help you determine the credibility of the system.

Transparent Pricing
Pricing that is clearly stated helps you determine if it’s in line with market averages and if the pricing is reasonable considering the features they offer.

Ease of Use
You want to make sure that whatever event management tool you decide on is simple to use. The user interface design should be easy to navigate. If the event tool is intuitive, your whole staff will be able to adapt to it quickly.

Event Management Tools
Now that you know what factors to consider, here are a few options of event management tools:

Cvent is known for its versatility. Not only does it offer registrations and guest list management, but it also offers room-block management, which can be great for conferences. In addition, Cvent has travel management and sponsorship management features. Keep in mind, though, that Cvent is limited when it comes to ticketing, vendor management, and catering management.

EventsAir has a clean and easy to navigate user interface. It includes cloud hosting for user data great for in-depth data tracking. Their support is unmatched with 24/7 customer service and onsite/online training for new adapters.

Planning Pod
Planning Pod has great transparency and allows you to see all their features in action on their website. It has all the basics of an event management platform. It includes integration capabilities with Google, Salesforce, and Mailchimp.

Social Tables
The best part of Social Tables is that it lets you create to-scale diagrams in minutes. You can map out and share details with venues, clients, and collaborators. It is also great of guest management and check-in.

Once you find the right event management tool, it can make the event planning process go a lot smoother. If you need help creating the right environment for your next event, be sure to contact Orlando event management company, Fun Planners, at 407-955-4949.