Moonwalks, Inflatables, & Bouncers, Oh My!

An outdoor summer party isn’t complete without a colorful Orlando inflatable rental for the kids to hop around in, such as the moonwalks and bouncers that have attracted so much attention. Did you know that there is a surprising history to these bounce houses? They didn’t start out as a fun attraction. Fun Planners is here to share where these inflatables came from and how they’ve grown to become a party staple.

If there’s anything science has proven, it’s that if there’s a way to make an experiment entertaining, people will do so. John Scurlock discovered this when he experimented with inflatable pool and tennis court covers. His employees had different plans for these covers: they preferred jumping on them. While Scurlock insisted on using his technology for practical uses, his wife saw the opportunity for something great: bounce houses.

From there, the popularity of these houses exploded, and more companies created new bounce houses of all shapes and sizes. Several different names have been coined for these attractions, such as moonwalks, inflatables, and bounce houses. Don’t be fooled by the variety of names; they are all regular terms for the same attraction! However, these inflatables still come in a vast number of shapes and sizes to add to the fun.

Fun Planners’ offers a wide variety of bounce houses that show how versatile these attractions can be. Does your party crave more than a house that you can only jump in? Try competing against your friends in the Bouncy Boxing inflatable, complete with giant gloves. If you have particularly adventurous children, send them through Cameron the Caterpillar. This bouncy obstacle course is fully enclosed and safe for the little ones. And if you prefer simplicity, we still offer the classic Moonwalk.

If you’re interested in a bounce house for your party, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949, or check out our inventory of Orlando inflatable rental  online. You can also browse the rest of our blog for more information about inflatables.