5 Excellent “E”s of Engaging and Exciting Events

entertainmentWhen creating an event that’ll stand the tests of time, there are two elements that have consistently reigned supreme: engagement and experience. Those two elements are both dependent on the early planning process of a Florida corporate event. Each event should be filled with emotion in order to elicit an emotional response from attendees. To ensure your event is both engaging and memorable, here are 5 more emotional “E”s that should be incorporated into every corporate event:

  • Excitement: Just because you’re attending a Florida corporate event doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Every event should have an element of fun; even a day filled with meetings and lectures can have a moment of fun and excitement.
  • Exasperation: That’s right; exasperation! The entire corporate event and marketing industry is built on managing frustration and exasperation. By adding a bit of exasperation into your event, your static attendees may become more engaged and involved. A great example of this was a prank put on by Heineken for the Champion’s League final, in which 1136 people were lured into a fake orchestra concert on the same night of the big game. When the die-hard football fans were at their wits end, the prank was revealed and they all happily watched the important match together, making a memorable and exciting experience for all the once-exasperated attendees. We’re not saying go to this extreme, but you can use exasperation in moderation and good taste.
  • Eye-Opener: An eye-opening surprise is the best prelude for an exasperated experience. Everyone likes to be involved in a situation that starts one way and ends in a surprising way. They brighten everyone’s day and encourage them to join in the fun by taking pictures or videos of the event. Even adding something as simple as a few inflatable rides to a corporate affair will bring a bit of surprise and excitement to your attendees. You could also plan a surprise, themed networking event to mix things up.
  • Expectancy: Expectancy and anticipation are not cheap. They take time and a prestigious reputation to pull off–but when done right, they’ll heighten any event experience. Creating a sense of anticipation and expectation doesn’t just happen, it’s well planned. Consider using a similar presentation that’s only slightly tweaked over time, keep your target audience consistent as well as your attendee community, make sure the experience satiates your attendees basic needs, and make sure the experience is exclusive, unique, and memorable.
  • Extempore: While an extempore or spontaneous event may seem unplanned, it can actually be controlled to an extent. It’s more about setting up the situation for a spontaneous event than telling someone to go do something planned and try to make it look spontaneous. Instead, empower your attendees to be spontaneous. Let them participate by presenting them with their favorite 80’s tunes or engaging technology. It’ll open your event to the unexpected, making a  conducive atmosphere to create memories. Models such as the unconference or barCamps are great for inspiring extempore actions since the event is not planned ahead of time, but on the spot with the help of the attendees.

Keep these emotional “E”s in mind when planning your next Florida corporate event to ensure that your attendees have the ultimate event experience. If you’re looking for a little guidance, contact the event-planning experts at Fun Planners.

What’s the most memorable thing you remember about an event you have attended? Did it qualify as one of the 5 “E”s? Share your experiences with us below!