Your Complete Guide to Proper Team Building

If you’re management or in human resources, and you’re looking to help build the trust, cooperation, and efficacy of your team, then you should consider having the team participate in team building exercises. If this is not a task that you’ve done in the past, then you have a few things to consider before you just throw the team into a trust fall. Fun Planners, a leader in Florida team building events, has the complete guide to team building for you to reference.

Define a Team
The first thing you need to do is define your team. You don’t want to just throw everyone in the office together and hope that everyone then works together well afterward. You’ll want to see which employees within the office work on organic teams, whether it be on projects, in the same setting, or toward a common goal. You can think of a team as reporting to one boss or a team as serving one customer, but either way you cut it, make sure that the people you group together for the team building event are going to benefit from the exercises involved.

What is Team Building?
Team building is a series of exercises that creates a process that enables a team to reach its goal. This should be of the utmost priority to the management team as an effective and efficient team that can help with the bottom line. The stages that need to be covered in team building are:

  • Clarify team goals.
  • Identify issues which inhibit the team from reaching those goals.
  • Address the issues, remove inhibitors and enable the goals to be achieved.

You will want your team to be laser-focused on the objective at hand because if the goal is side-tracked, you will find the entire team building exercise to be a failure.

Team Building Activities
Let’s look at some of the team building activities offered by Fun Planners:

  • Physical challenges like obstacle courses, rock climbing, gladiator jousting, relay races, human foosball, and more!
  • Silly Olympics with games like Got-To-Go Races, Big Foot Relay, Giant Tricycles, Oversized Puzzles, Riddles & Trivia, and more!
  • Games shows like general trivia, company philosophy, and training programs.

To get started with these Florida team building activities, contact the professionals at Fun Planners at 407-880-3521. We can help your team work together to reach the ultimate goal!