Your Audience Should Grow With Your Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event it’s important to attract a variety of new attendees. While using traditional public relations efforts and marketing techniques is a great start, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Don’t rely on the same attendees year after year, your Orlando event management team continues to showcase your organization in new and innovative ways, therefore, it’s imperative that you bring new and innovative audiences. Here are a few practical strategies that will help draw a new and innovative audience to your corporate event.

  • YouTube Videos: Create a YouTube video campaign. In this series educate your guests on how to get the most out of their event experience, and always let them know if your event is sponsored or donating proceeds to a charitable organization. Your videos should be reasonable in length, 2-3 minutes, and they should give first time attendees practical tips. You could also create a series of videos for your seasoned guests as well and let them know what they should focus on during your event.

  • Exhibit at Other Shows: Look at showing your products and services at other trade shows and events so you can capitalize on their attendees, widening your organization’s reach. Show peripheral markets why your organization has value to them and their communities.

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing gives you a way to keep your potential attendees interested and engaged all year long. Use your blog, newsletter, webinar, or other content strategy, to inform your audience and other web users of your events.

  • Targeted Emails: Consider sending targeted emails to different segments of your target audience. Tell them about the event that your Orlando event management team is planning, and invite them and their friends to come. Always talk in a targeted way, don’t make it too generalized or it’ll be labeled as spam. Make your messages creative and event specific, and don’t forget to make the messages sent to past attendees different from those who’ve never attended before.

  • Remarket: Using an automated advertising concept known as remarketing, search engines and some social media sites will allow organizations to reach individuals who’ve previously visited their websites. Specialized, event-specific ads will be displayed as the searcher browses the web. Essentially, the ad will follow users around to each website, giving them reminders of the upcoming event.

Your event attendees should always expand with your event. With the help of a great Orlando event management team and some great promotions, you can attract an innovative audience that will evolve and expand with your organization. Share this post if you have an upcoming event and are looking to increase your event attendees.