Team Building Opens Channels of Communication and Success

Orlando team building has been called an art and a science–but technically it’s both. A team’s quality of work is a direct result of the quality of the team. To keep your team on track and working together in a unified and cohesive manner, don’t skimp on the team building activities.

Don’t roll your eyes–when team building activities aren’t awkward scenarios, where your team ends up hating each other and wishing it would all end, they can actually work. When you properly plan a team building event, the results can have a measurable, positive effect on your teams work performance. The key to an noninvasive, unawkward Orlando team building experience is to keep everything normal. Don’t have your team gather around and talk about their most embarrassing moment or their greatest fear, as some people don’t appreciate that. Remember, every member of your team is unique. Some of your team members will be introverts, other extroverts, and that’s a GOOD thing. Don’t push your introverts to be more extroverted, or you’ll only alienate and embarrass them.

In a study done by Citrix, 31 percent of office workers said that they cannot stand team building activities. This is disappointing to say the least, especially since a study done by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that team building can help employees feel valued, making them feel more motivated to complete their job at an above average level.

An area that most organizations don’t really consider when predicting their team’s success is the interpersonal communication that occurs during informal meetings. Studies have determined that communication is actually the most accurate predictor of a team’s overall success. Your team doesn’t have to be best friends and hang out outside of work, but non-work communication is a critical component when analyzing a team’s cohesiveness. It’s important that your coworkers don’t just see each other as coworkers, but as peers and maybe even friends.

With a nicely planned, non-aggressive team building activity, your team can communicate and interact more efficiently, increasing their productivity, build respect for one another, and raise their job satisfaction. Help your team function as a universal unit with Orlando team building activities hosted by Fun Planners. We guarantee that your team will thoroughly enjoy the team building activities we offer–even the somewhat shy and quiet introverts. Who knows, it may even bring them out of their shell and allow the rest of the group to get to know them. Share this post and follow us on Facebook to learn more about team building and how we can help you create lasting relationships among your team members and management.