Top 5 Signs You’re at a Bad Company Picnic

Top 5 Signs You’re at a Bad Company Picnic

5) The bounce house is a tent with an air mattress in it.

4) The entertainment consists of a balloon animal making clown that only make snakes, worms or eels.

3) The O’dourves being served are Vienna Sausages wrapped in fruit roll-up.

2) The music sounds like a Chipmunk/Johnny Cash remix.

1) The rock climbing wall is a 12 foot sheet of plywood with old, used flip flops nailed to it.

This list was made to give you a good laugh but most importantly, to remind you that it would be a good idea to have the event planner you choose  show you examples of the equipment and entertainment that they use. Ask to see the caterers menu too.

The key to a successful corporate picnic is to diminish any surprises. This is best accomplished by asking a lot of questions in advance and having the event planner prove that the quality of games, rides, and food are exactly what they are promising.

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