Outdoor Event Planning

When planning an outdoor event in Orlando you have to prepare yourself for all/any possibilities. The weather in Florida is normally sunny and great but as you know it can get extremely hot and there is the possibility for severe weather to pop up out of nowhere.

While planning your outdoor corporate event or company picnic here are some tips to consider to make sure your event goes a smooth as possible:

1) In case of severe weather, try and pick a spot that will have some type of shelter if it is needed.

2) If  the event is rain or shine, be sure to put that on the invitations.

3) For a very large event with many attendees, have a section on your website for event updates or send out emails alerting people to any changes in date, time, entertainment, etc..

4) Be sure to advise sponsors or exhibitors in advance how you plan to handle cancellations. Have it in writing as to when they can expect their money back and make sure to stick to your promised time line. You don’t want to upset people willing to support your event. Handling them promptly will encourage sponsorship of your next event.

Contact your Orlando Event Planner today for help planning your next successful corporate event.