International Women’s Day

On March 8th, celebrate International Women’s Day with all the strong and powerful women in your company by holding a team-building event! Team building is more than just trusting each other, but also accepting and applauding our differences. To become a real team, everyone has to acknowledge each other and respect everyone’s different path in life. By creating team-building events to spread awareness and love, you will allow for a more safe and mindful workplace.

Traditional Team-Building Games
To encourage your employees to mingle, you can go through the traditional route. Whether you choose to rent a gladiator pedestal joust, giant tricycles, or even bingo, it will definitely encourage your employees to bond. Another fun activity you can rent the game show mania set up, and test your employees’ knowledge of company rules, inside jokes and on facts associated with female empowerment.

Alternative Team-Building Games
If you want something that’s more outside of the box, Fun Planners has a variety of different games that you can rent. You can make it a carnival theme or even a casino theme, which includes games according to their theme. Team building is more than just the same old pizza party; enjoy a real team-building event by renting the ballistic carnival swings.

Creating a team-building event doesn’t have to be hard. Celebrate the diversity within your employees through all your events, get creative and dedicate team-building activities towards recognizing what makes your team members special. Here at the team-building game rentals Orlando located business, Fun Planners, we are all about team-building and helping you create a safe welcoming working environment. We can match your activities to the theme of your event and provide all gaming and hosting means so that you can just kick back and enjoy. Contact us online, or call us at 407-955-4949 to find out how we can help.