Snapchat: A New Technology for Events

What many see as an app with very limited use, others see as the new technology for live events. It’s time to bust the myth that Snapchat is only relevant for face filters and goofy pictures. So how can this app help you with your next event? Let the Florida Corporate events professionals, Fun Planners, show you how to utilize the power of Snapchat for your next corporate event.


First off, let’s describe what this app even is. Snapchat uses videos and pictures to send or post stories that are available only for a limited amount of seconds, then they disappear forever. Now you may ask, “wait, what’s the point of that?” Well, that’s the beauty of it. Snapchat users like the idea that their posts and pictures disappear within 24 hours, giving them a clean slate. This also entices users to go to events or areas that they see others attending. Seeing as how the post is always new, events caught on Snapchat will more than likely still be going on when users see them. So how can this benefit your live event?

Benefits of Use

As users are able to view other’s stories, they’re able to view the events that they’re attending. Snapchat even has a  ‘geofilter’ that allows the user to show where the event is held with designed text. If you’re really invested in the concept of Snapchat, there’s on-demand geofilters, which give the user the opportunity to filter their picture specifically to your event. This will give your event a unique and attractive look. Without intending it, users can entice their friends to join in the event with live pictures and videos. Instead of ads that may push people away from your event, Snapchat allows your guests to share your event in person. Utilizing Snapchat with your event is sure to attract attention. This could be particularly useful if your event targets younger people or if your event is a recurring annual event. Snapchat geofilters allow event hosts to brand their events even further. Here are a few fun ways you can use snapchat in your next event:

  • Create an on-demand geofilter targeted to your event. Attendees will then share this filter with all their Snapchat friends.
  • Create a Snapchat account for the DJ and allow attendees to ‘snap’ song requests to them.
  • Use your business’s or organization’s snapchat account to create hype for the event. Share sneak peeks of the decor, food, and so on.
  • Use Snapchat to post an after-party thank you to attendees.
  • If planning a fundraiser, use snapchat to document how much money you’ve raised thus far.

Believe it or not, Snapchat is one of the main social media platforms being used today, so why not use its power to boost your next event? If you need help creating the perfect event, contact Fun Planners, your Florida corporate events professionals, at 407-955-4949.