Make Your Event Easy and Enjoyable for Disabled Attendees

Large-scale corporate events in Florida bring challenges to those who suffer from mental and physical disabilities, regardless of whether such an ailment is temporary or permanent. As you know, disabilities can include hearing or sight impairment, as well as illnesses triggered by the environment. Other disabilities that may affect an attendee’s experience include, but are not limited to, broken limbs in bulky casts, physical issues related to walking long distances or climbing stairs, heart conditions, dyslexia and arthritis.

The goal of any corporate event in Florida is inclusiveness for everyone. All attendees should be provided with an option upon registration to specify any access, catering, transportation or accommodation requirements they may have. It is also important to use unbiased, politically correct terminology when discussing those in need of additional assistance. Refrain from using terms like “handicapped;” instead say “wheelchair users” or “sight/hearing impaired.” All attendees of the event, whether it is a small company picnic or a large casino night, should be treated equally!

During presentations, sign language interpreters are recommended for those suffering from a hearing impairment. Florida-based corporate event planners should also verify that all event venues have ramps providing easy access for wheelchair users. All publicity and website material should include the international symbols denoting hearing/sight impairments and wheelchair access, which should be highlighted on the event homepage and included in all announcements.

Each individual event attendee is important. Whether you’re the event planner or the host of the event, it’s important to take disabled guests into account during the planning process.  Fun Planners, a Florida corporate event company, is dedicated to ensuring that all event attendees are comfortable enough to have fun and enjoy the experience.  We provide event services to accommodate all of your needs and the needs of your guests. Call us today at 1-866-511-4FUN to learn more about our services and what we can offer your next event.