Event Trends for 2014

With each new year comes the promise of new goals and challenges. Another exciting part of the new year is the prediction of upcoming industry trends. Orlando’s event planning trends evolve with the seasons, and it’s not always easy to stay ahead of a competitive crowd. However, we can get some idea of what will be popular in the months to come by taking a look at new and exciting developments within event planning.  Here are a few emerging trends in technology and social media specifically targeted to the event industry for 2014.

  • Fast and easy check-ins – Technology that speeds up the on-site registration process are a hot commodity for the year 2014. Event guests no longer have to stand in line for an hour, wading through a list of names to announce their arrival. While a tablet based check-in tool is not a new technology, it is being utilized more frequently to facilitate event planning in Orlando and to enhance guests’ experiences.

  • Seating event guests based on social connections – Seating charts are no longer generated by chance. Apps are being used to make table seating a social experience. This is also not a new phenomenon, but event coordinators will increasingly use this in the upcoming year as a tool to ensure that their guests are happy with their seating arrangement. Not only will guests be seated with their friends and colleagues, but these apps allow coordinators to place guests based on their networking requirements.

  • Sharing slides on event attendees’ personal smartphones and tablet devices – This will help keep guests’ focus on the content in front of them and will enhance their educational experience.

  • The importance of collective media – We live in a visual world. The internet is becoming more visual, so collecting pictures and videos by attendees and event staff is paramount.

  • Social responsibility – Charitable contributions will become a vital component to the event concept, especially for those working with non-profit organizations.

  • More efficient event websites – One-page websites will be used to decrease bounce rates, stimulate conversation and provide viewers with a visual story of the event.

  • Real time event analysis – Heatmaps, preferences and check-in based analytics will make a serious impact in 2014. The availability of live data will dictate what will happen next, rather than a prearranged concept.

Orlando’s event planning industry is continuously adapting to ensure that every event is a booming success. Professional event planners know that they need to stay ahead of trends to succeed.  That’s why at Fun Planners we’re always evolving our strategies to ensure that each event is perfectly tailored to each of our clients’ needs. Whether you’re planning a corporate fundraiser, team building exercise or a special event we have everything you need to organize the perfect experience. For more information on our services visit: https://funplanners.com/