Ideas to Consider for Your Holiday Corporate Event

Having a corporate holiday party is one of the best ways to bring the team together. To execute your party flawlessly, a well-thought-out theme is essential. Choosing a suitable theme can set a great mood for the team. Fun, unique games that the whole team can play let everyone have a good time. Fun Planners wants to ensure that your Florida corporate event is one to remember!


  • Gift exchange: Gift exchanging is a fun and exciting way to treat the team with presents they did not anticipate. Some gift exchange games include the classics, like White Elephant or Secret Santa. Make sure to set a price range for gifts so people do not go underspend or overspend. The game may be ruined for some without these limits established and this avoids conflicts between team members.
  • Hold a contest: Host a contest for silly competitions, such as the Most Festive Dressed or Fill the Christmas Stocking. A competitive, fun atmosphere will get everyone involved and add some fun to the event.
  • Karaoke: Rent a karaoke machine to provide a classic performance that your team won’t forget. This is a great way to break the ice between your team members that are not unacquainted with each other.
  • Company gifts: This may be a tradition that you’ve done before, but this year, make your corporate gifts unique from the rest. Instead of a generic gift with a company logo on it, shake it up. Examples could include personality desk signs, bubble wrap calendars, or even a magnetic sand hourglass. The idea is to make the gift fun and unique to your team members, a gift that they will be thrilled to use.
  • Charity: The holiday season is known as the season to give back. Consider hosting a food or toy drive. Helping the less fortunate is a great reminder of what these holiday festivities are really about.


The main idea that you should take into consideration is for your team to have fun! This is a time for your team to relax after the long year and bond with their fellow co-workers. Show your appreciation by putting together an event that they won’t forget. If you’re interested in learning how Fun Planners can help with your Florida corporate event, give us a call 407-955-4949 for more information.