Can a Company Picnic Serve as a Team Building Event?

Working at a small business means that members of the business should be able to work effectively as a team to achieve company goals and increase efficiency. Many companies look towards picnics or team building events to create bonding experiences that helps build up your team. But is it possible to tie in company picnics and team building events together as one?

Many people find chatting and learning about others over shared food the most comfortable, because it allows people to bond over the enjoyment of food and conversation. The goal of team building is to reinforce the idea that working with these people as a team helps towards the overall goal of a business, and that branching out of your cubicle can help create relationships that construct a harmonious work environment. When combined with other team building efforts, company picnics can be a very powerful way to bring your employees together.

Team building exercises don’t always have to involve solving puzzles or performing physical activities. In fact, many large and small businesses have discovered that company picnics are a low-cost and effective way to bring employees together. Beyond the benefits of team building within a company picnic, these events provide the business with an opportunity to show their employees how much they are appreciated. Even on a budget, company picnics are a viable option to show your employees that you care.

Overall, the answer is yes, company picnics can serve as a team building event! At Fun Planners, we can help you create a company picnic or team building event that helps your business create relationships, and build a better team. Call our Orlando event planners at 1-866-511-4FUN to learn more about our services and to start planning your event today!