Benefits of VR at Events

Imagine an event where guests can snowboard down wintery slopes, ride a thrilling roller coaster, or race each other on a high-speed go-kart track — all in one place! With the cutting-edge technology of VR simulators, you can make this vision of the future a (virtual) reality. The Orlando event planning team at Fun Planners wants you to know how VR simulators can make your next event an out-of-this-world experience your guests will never forget. 

Something New
Until very recently, virtual reality technology lived only in the fictional worlds of Sci-Fi movies and television shows. VR simulator games offer your guests a chance to experience something they may never have before. Everyone has attended a bake sale fundraiser or a corporate team-building picnic. But how many of your guests can say they hit a home run on a virtual baseball diamond? Utilizing new technology will help your event stand out as something fresh and innovative that your guests will talk about for a long time.

All-In-One Experiences
When planning an event with a smaller venue, virtual reality can offer a space-conscious alternative to more traditional entertainment. For example, with a carnival game simulator, guests can go to one booth and enjoy a variety of games that in an ordinary setup would each have to have their own booth. A sports simulator squeezes a baseball diamond, football field, basketball court, and more into a space that can fit easily into an indoor venue. VR games allow your event to provide the maximum amount of fun for your venue, no matter the size.  

Total Immersion
The virtual reality experience places users in a completely immersive environment. Guests can experience picturesque vistas, explore worlds other than our own, or accomplish feats of strength and skill they couldn’t in their everyday lives. Because VR technology allows users to interact with and manipulate their environment, users can feel like they truly inhabit the simulation. The immersive power of VR creates an event unlike any other that will have your guests mesmerized.

The amazingly advanced technology of virtual reality simulators can take your event to the next level, and Fun Planners, the Orlando event planning professionals, can help you find which VR product you should reserve for your next event. Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.